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Before you can transfer

There are a few things to check and be sure of before you're ready to start your transfer. 

Have your account details to hand

We'll need some basic information about your investments to start your transfer. 

This includes: 

  • name and address of current provider 
  • account number (sometimes called a reference or policy number) 
  • approximate value of investments 
  • type of ISA or pension (where relevant) 

You can often find your account number in your account settings online, or on a letter from your current provider if you get your account information through the post. 

It’s really important that the details you give us match those on your current provider’s account. We will not be able to process your transfer if they do not match.

Choose between 'invested' or 'as cash'

Before you transfer, you need to decide whether to bring all your investments over as they are or sell them and transfer the money. 

Staying invested means you remain in the market and will experience any rises and falls as normal. You’ll miss out on this by selling your investments and transferring ‘as cash’, but this is usually quicker. 

Sometimes we cannot hold specific investments you may have in your account. We will try and convert them to similar investments, but if not, this may mean you have to sell your investments and transfer the money. We’ll get in touch to let you know what your options are if this happens. 

It’s also important to remember that you won’t be able to change your investments while your transfer is in progress.

Choose whether to transfer all your investments, or only some of them

You can choose between transferring all the investments in your current provider’s account, or only some of them. Only transferring some of your investments will leave your existing account open. 

You can choose to transfer part of most accounts by completing a paper form. Please check with your current provider whether it’s possible for your account. 

We can also do partial transfers for ISAs and General Investment Accounts over the phone.

Call our Transfers team on:

Check your current provider's conditions before transferring

Some providers do not allow cash or partial transfers. It’s therefore a good idea to check their Terms and Conditions before you start your transfer with HL. 

If there are any problems with how you’ve chosen to transfer, we’ll contact you to confirm what you want to do. 

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