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Transfer timings

Transfer timings can often vary but are based on factors including your current provider and how many investments you have. 

Estimated transfer timings

Usual time to complete a transfer: 
2-8 weeks 

How long your transfer takes to complete depends on: 

  • the type of account 
  • the number and type of investments it holds 
  • your current provider 
  • whether you’re transferring uninvested money or investments  

Each transfer is slightly different based on the above, which is why timescales aren’t always exact. We’ll provide a progress update once your transfer has started.

If it takes longer than expected

If your transfer is taking longer than eight weeks, we'll chase your current provider again and update you as soon as we hear back from them. We'll then let you know when your investments arrive and you're able to start investing with HL. 

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