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The HL Business

Group at a glance

Business model

We offer a lifelong, secure home for people's savings and investments that offers great value, an excellent service and makes their financial life easy.

These key attributes enable us to grow client numbers and assets on our platform which drives revenues to support reinvestment for further growth. Executing this virtuous circle enables long-term value creation across our stakeholders and helps deliver broader economic benefits across society.

Our people

Our people are at the heart of Hargreaves Lansdown, ensuring we deliver on our core values

  • Put the client first
  • Do the right thing
  • Do it better
  • Make it easy
  • Go the extra mile


Our platform uses our own proprietary systems, allowing us to develop our products and services in a nimble and secure manner. We embrace technological innovation and invest to ensure our systems are safe and secure.


We provide a multi-channel marketing approach to engage with new and existing clients, ensuring they have high quality information to empower them to save and invest with confidence.


Growing the number of clients and nurturing our relationships with them over their lifetime drives the long-term sustainable growth in assets on our platform.


We generate revenues based on the value of assets managed on our platform, activity levels of our clients and a net interest margin on uninvested cash. 73% of these revenues are recurring in nature, providing a high degree of profit resilience.


From our revenues, we fund the administration of our platform, our proposition and the business as a whole. Key to our strategy is the reinvestment back into people, technology and marketing, ensuring we are always improving and evolving the service and maintaining our competitive advantage. Despite the significant reinvestment, our scalability enables us to generate industry leading operating margins of 63%.

Profits and dividends

Our high quality earnings and scalability deliver strong profits which quickly convert to cash. After ensuring we maintain a surplus over and above our regulatory requirement, we are still able to pay significant dividends to our shareholders.

Value creation

Adhering to our core values enables further growth, which delivers long-term sustainable value creation across a range of stakeholders including clients, employees, investors and society.