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Hargreaves Lansdown has a history of innovation and market leadership combined with the scale, vision and execution plan to drive momentum for future growth.

Our client-focused culture and strategy enables us to build relationships with clients over their lifetimes as they grow and consolidate their wealth with us.

Leading track record

With more than 40 years’ experience, we are the UK’s largest direct-to-consumer (D2C) savings and investment provider.

We help over 1.8 million clients with a proposition that supports a broad range of saving and investing needs. This includes a full suite of tax-efficient accounts, over 14,000 investment options, and Active Savings, which provides a home for cash savings.

Over 60% of the UK’s D2C platform clients choose HL as their main savings and investment provider and our client retention rate is 92.2%.

Growing market opportunity

HL currently has over £142 billion of assets under administration, but the overall active personal pension market alone is worth £1 trillion. Add in cash savings and other financial investments and, by 2026, our addressable market is estimated to be £3.7 trillion.

Image illustrating our growing market opportunity
Image illustrating our growing market opportunity

It’s an attractive market to operate in but there is a compelling client need too. HL’s Savings and Resilience barometer shows that only 13% of households are on track for a ‘comfortable’ retirement and, according to the FCA, one-third of the UK have less than £1,000 worth of savings.

Everyone should be encouraged to build a financially secure future and, as we expand our range of products, we open up this market and provide a single home for all saving and investment needs.

With an estimated £3.7 trillion addressable market to go after, as the market leader, HL is well positioned to make the most of this growing opportunity.

Investing in future growth

We are investing to build a state-of-the-art client experience, combining the best of digital and human capabilities, delivered through an efficient and scalable platform.

Through our focused strategic investment, we are:

  • Driving growth through our proposition, delivering a broader, more integrated and personalised range of products and services for our clients.
  • Evolving our business to ensure it is efficient and scalable for the long term, combining the best of human expertise and automation to deliver at scale.
  • Modernising our technology estate and organisational structure, to enable innovation at pace and ensure we can meet client needs as they evolve.