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How will the charge be collected?

We always try to collect fees from cash on your account. To help you manage your cash balances we have introduced a 'Suggested Minimum Cash Balance.'

If you don't have any cash on your account, and you have fully subscribed to an ISA or SIPP or otherwise can't top up, you could consider adding money to an HL Fund and Share Account.

If there is insufficient cash on the account where the fees were charged and also in the Fund and Share Account, we will sell sufficient holdings to cover the amount owed and restore the Suggested Minimum Cash Balance.

The standard fee collection method is:

  • Loyalty bonus account (if available)
  • Cash in the account in which the fees were generated. If no cash on the account then
  • Cash in your Fund and Share Account. If no cash in your Fund and Share Account then
  • Sell holdings to cover fees from the account in which the fees were generated. We don't charge for this.

If we need to collect fees from your investments, we will normally sell units of the largest fund holding first. If, for whatever reason, we are unable to sell units of the largest fund holding, we will sell units in the next largest fund holding, and if you do not hold funds we may sell part of other holdings.

A range of other fee collection options are available to suit investors who wish to protect their income or the capital value of their accounts. For more information please log in and go to the 'Account administration' tab of the account, then click the 'Fee Collection Options' link.

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