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How do I pay my fees and charges?

Our system will collect fees from cash on your account(s) in this order:

  • Cash in the loyalty bonus account (if available). If no loyalty bonuses then;
  • Cash in the account in which the fees were generated (income account first, then capital account). If no cash on the account then;
  • Cash from similar accounts e.g. if you have other HL ISAs we’ll collect from those. If no cash in similar accounts then;
  • Cash in your Fund and Share Account. If no cash in your Fund and Share Account then;
  • Sell holdings from the account the fees were generated to raise sufficient cash to cover the fees and your minimum cash balance (to sell shares, we'll charge £1.50 per deal, there is no charge to sell funds).

A range of other fee collection options are available to suit investors who wish to protect their income or the capital value of their accounts. For more information please log in and go to 'Account Settings', then choose 'Fees and Minimum Cash Balance', then 'Edit collection options'.

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