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What will I need to arrange the transfer?

You must have the account reference number for your previous provider, the value of your account there and the address for that company.

If you have an account with Fidelity, Cofunds, Legal & General or Invesco Perpetual then please make sure you have the following details:

  • For Fidelity, this is usually ten characters in length, containing three or four letters followed by six or seven numbers, e.g. ABCD123456. This account reference is different to the ten-digit number that Fidelity refer to as the Client Reference number.
  • For Cofunds, this is usually nine or ten characters in length, starting with A, followed by six or seven numbers, followed by A1 and a final letter. e.g. A999999A1J. This platform reference is different to your CoFunds client number although you may notice that the numerical digits are the same in both.
  • For Invesco Perpetual, this is usually either seven or ten characters in length, with the seven-digit reference beginning with a 6 and the ten digit reference starting with 0006. This account reference is different to the account reference number.
  • For Legal & General we cannot offer telephone transfers for their Investment Portfolio Service. So if your account reference is eight digits long and begins with a 5 you will have to use our postal transfer form.

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