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Fund and Share Account

Annual account charges

Your annual charge depends on whether you hold funds or shares in your Fund and Share Account. There are no charges for opening an account, holding cash or inactivity.


Including UK and overseas shares, investment trusts, exchange-traded funds, VCTs, gilts and bonds.

No Charge


Value of funds Charge
On the first £250,000 0.45%
On the value between £250,000 - £1m 0.25%
On the value between £1m - £2m 0.1%
On the value over £2m No charge

Important note about charges

The investments you choose may have their own charges, such as charges from a particular fund manager. These are in addition to our account charges. You can find these in each investment’s key investor information. If investing in funds, a bid/offer spread may also apply - see our Guide to Fund Prices for details. Hargreaves Lansdown receives commission from some fund groups for arranging and administering your investments.

Dealing charges

Fund dealing

There's no dealing charge for buying or selling funds.

Online and mobile app share dealing

Including UK and overseas shares*, investment trusts, exchange-traded funds, gilts and bonds.

Number of deals in previous month Charge per deal
0 - 9 £11.95
10 - 19 £8.95
20+ £5.95

*There’s an added foreign exchange charge for overseas share deals, depending on deal size. See our overseas share dealing page for details.

Automatic reinvestment

If you’d like any fund or share income automatically reinvested, we charge 1% of the trade value (minimum £1, maximum of £10). We’ll reinvest your income once it reaches £10 per holding, or the amount you choose.

How to pay charges

There’s no need to remember to make any payments. Each month we’ll automatically take charges from cash in your account.

If there’s not enough cash in your account, we’ll sell some of your investments to cover charges. We'll charge £1.50 per deal if we have to do this.

How much cash you need to keep available in your account depends on your investments. We’ll suggest a minimum cash amount for you, which you’ll be able to see in your account when you log in.

Other charges

  • Government tax and levies (per deal)
    UK Stamp Duty 0.5% on purchases of UK shares (round up to the nearest £5 for residual shares)
    PTM (Panel on Takeover and Mergers) £1 on UK share deals over £10,000
    Irish Stamp Duty 1% on purchases of Irish shares (where the total cost of the transactions is more than 1,000 euros)
    French Financial Transactions Tax 0.3% on purchases of certain French shares
    Italian Financial Transactions Tax 0.1% on purchases of certain Italian shares
  • Telephone and postal share dealing
    1% of the trade value, minimum charge £20, maximum £50.
  • Account administration

    Made in addition to the charges above, where applicable.

    Cash withdrawals

    No charge

    Account closure fee

    £25 + VAT

    Limit orders

    No charge

    Automated sales to cover charges
    (selling fund units or shares to cover fees)

    £1.50 per stock per month

    Six-month statement and valuation (paperless)

    No charge

    Six-month statement and valuation (paper)

    £10 + VAT per statement and valuation

  • Transfers

    Transfer out (as cash)


    Transfer out (as stock)

    £25 per holding

    Internal stock transfer between accounts

    £12.50 per stock

Other charges may apply in specific circumstances - see the terms and conditions for details.

Interest rates

It's important to keep some cash available in your HL Fund and Share Account for paying charges. You can also hold cash while deciding where to invest.

See our cash interest rates page for details.