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Get more choice, clarity and control

Get more choice, clarity and control

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One home for your investments

It’s easier to manage your investments when they’re in one place.

You’ll be able to track, trade or upgrade your investments, all with a single set of login details.

Tell us what you want to transfer and we’ll take care of the rest.

What investments can you transfer?

  • Funds
  • UK and overseas shares
  • Corporate and government bonds
  • Investment trusts
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

It's free to transfer investments to us

Your current provider may charge exit fees though, so it’s worth checking with them first - we wouldn’t want you to lose money.

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How to transfer investments

The fastest way to transfer investments to a Fund and Share Account is online. Alternatively, you can send a transfer form by post.

Here's how transferring investments works:

  1. You apply to transfer
  2. We contact your provider and start the transfer
  3. We keep you updated with progress and tell you when everything arrives

Transfer now

A simple explanation of the most commonly asked questions about transfers to HL, including how the process works, your options and how long it takes.

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  • Ongoing support - speak to our UK-based customer support team if you have any questions, or pay for financial advice on where to invest

Investment transfer FAQs

  • Can you transfer shares to another person?

    Yes, shares can be transferred from one person to another. If you hold an HL Fund and Share Account, you can transfer these to another HL Fund and Share Account in someone else’s name. However, if you hold shares in an HL Stocks and Share ISA, you wouldn’t be able to transfer them directly to another person.

    Generally, you'll need to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when you give away shares but only if your total gains are above the annual tax-free allowance. One exception to the CGT rule is when you ‘gift’ shares to a spouse or civil partner. Tax rules change and benefits depend on individual circumstances.

    Download the Capital Gains Tax guide

  • Can you transfer existing shares into an ISA?

    If you have shares in an HL Fund and Share Account, you can move them to an HL Stocks and Shares ISA but they need to be sold and repurchased within the ISA. This is sometimes called a Bed and ISA. You can do this as part of our share exchange service.

    If you hold certificated or unwrapped shares outside of HL, you’ll need to transfer them to an HL Fund and Share Account first.

    More on share exchange

  • How much can I transfer into a Fund and Share Account?

    There is no upper (or lower) limit on how much you can transfer into an HL Fund and Share Account. However, if you’d like to open an HL Fund and Share Account with a lump sum, the minimum amount is £1. If you’d like to set up a monthly direct debit, the minimum monthly amount is £25.

  • Is transferring shares the same as selling shares?

    Typically, there are two ways to transfer shares to another provider. You can choose a stock transfer or a cash transfer.

    With a stock transfer, your existing provider will transfer your holdings as they are (remaining invested without the need to sell your investments). When transferring as stock, you’ll typically be unable to sell your holdings during the process, for example, if you wish to protect yourself from falls or realise any gains.

    With a cash transfer, your investments will be sold, and the cash will be transferred. If you transfer as cash, you’ll be out of the market while your transfer takes place. This may work in your favour if the market falls, but if it rises you won’t benefit from any growth.

    You should check whether your existing provider charges any transfer fees before transferring.

  • Do you pay tax when transferring funds or shares?

    If you’re transferring a general investment account in your name to a HL Fund and Share Account (or vice versa) in your name as stock, then there will be no Capital Gain Tax (CGT) to pay.

    CGT is only payable when an investment is ‘realised’ or sold, and if any capital gains for the tax year exceeds your annual capital gains tax allowance. Tax rules change and benefits depend on individual circumstances.

    Download the Capital Gains Tax guide

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