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With a Lifetime ISA your investment choice will probably depend on when you need to access the money.

Less than five years, then cash is likely to be your best option. But if you’re planning to invest for longer than five years, you might want to think about the stock market. With investing, the potential returns are higher, though you can also make a loss.

HL Multi-Manager Special Situations

The idea behind this fund is simple. We find the most talented fund managers available, regardless of where they invest, and blend them into a single, well-balanced investment.

It’s a truly global approach, and your money will be invested in the US, Europe, Japan and higher-risk emerging markets. The UK is also well-represented. We find lots of exceptional managers investing on home soil, including in smaller companies, where we see excellent long-term growth potential, but where the risks are greater.

Managers Roger Clark and Lee Gardhouse meet hundreds of fund managers each year and analyse their performance in great detail to identify those with the best long-term prospects.

They also look after the day-to-day management, making changes when they think they’re needed. This offers peace of mind, and we think the results more than justify the extra costs of a multi-manager approach.

If you’re aiming to grow your money in a Lifetime ISA, but don’t have the time or the experience to select your own funds, we think this is a superb starting point for investing in stock markets across the globe.

This fund is managed by our sister company Hargreaves Lansdown Fund Managers.

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Jupiter Income

Investing in companies that have fallen on hard times, but where there’s scope for a change in fortunes, can be a great way to grow wealth over the long term. Ben Whitmore has done exactly that throughout his 17 year career.

He seeks high-yielding companies with a strong balance sheet and an experienced management team. He aims to benefit from the high, and hopefully growing, dividends the companies pay, as well as rising share prices as they return to favour. He’ll then bank the profits and move on to the next unloved opportunity.

The manager has built an exemplary long-term track record investing in UK companies . That said, like all fund managers he will go through periods where his style is out of favour and there is no guarantee past success will be repeated.

Overall, we like Ben Whitmore’s ability to focus on the prospects for individual companies, whilst ignoring the market noise which proves a distraction to many other investors. We think this fund offers something different to its peers and could make an excellent addition to a Lifetime ISA portfolio.

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Schroder Small Cap Discovery

Asian and emerging markets are filled with different cultures, histories and languages. It’s hard to think of another investment area that offers so much diversity and variety. We think this means opportunity for investors, from a young, educated workforce across developed Asia, to rising household income in China and India, and natural resources in Brazil and Russia.

Asia and other emerging markets are in the midst of a transition from export-led growth to domestic consumption, led by the region’s burgeoning middle class. Matthew Dobbs invests this fund in companies he feels can exploit these trends. Emerging markets are also home to some of the most under-researched smaller companies in the world, making them a great hunting ground for those willing to dig deeper for opportunities.

A focus on these smaller companies differentiates this fund from its peers. The combination of growth potential offered by both smaller companies and Asian and emerging markets means exciting long-term growth prospects. It also means this is a higher-risk, adventurous fund and a long-term view is essential.

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