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Specific threats

New fraud trends evolve constantly. Below you can find information on specific threats we believe could pose a risk to our existing and future clients.

Cold call from Hargreaves Lansdown?

Hargreaves Lansdown never cold call investors offering investment opportunities.

Investment scams often involve high-pressure selling tactics in order to get investors to purchase investments that are either worthless or non-existent. The initial contact usually starts with a telephone call that comes from out of the blue, and fraudsters will often purport to be calling from well-established, regulated firms in order to appear legitimate. The FCA refer to these as ‘clone’ firms.

Hargreaves Lansdown will never:

  • Call you out of the blue to promote an investment or offer you money in exchange for your shares.
  • Ask you to send application forms by email. You can apply online via our website or by telephone by calling 0117 900 9000, and if you want to send a cheque please send your application by post to our registered address: Hargreaves Lansdown, One College Square South, Anchor Road, Bristol, BS1 5HL.
  • Discuss detailed information regarding an application or transaction with you by unsecure email.
  • Ask you to send money via bank transfer to a bank account, an overseas bank account or a currency exchange provider.

If you believe that you have received a cold call from anyone purporting to work for Hargreaves Lansdown, please contact our Investment Helpdesk on 0117 900 9000.

Protect yourself:

  • Reject Cold Calls;
  • Always do your own research; and
  • Remember, if something sounds too good to be true it most likely is!

If you are in any doubt put down the phone and call us on 0117 900 9000.