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Third-Party Adviser Centre

What we offer our clients

Our investment and savings platform is designed for private investors who are comfortable making their own investment decisions.

We offer a wide range of products and help our clients by giving them the tools and information to make their own informed decisions.

In most cases, investments held in clients’ HL accounts have been selected by the client. They decide when to buy and sell.

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What we offer Third-Party Financial Advisers

These sections include everything you need to know about requesting your client's information, and understanding the documents you receive.

How to request client information

What to include in your letter of authority and where to send it.

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What we send you

What's included in the documents you receive, and other information you can request

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Other useful information

How to request client information from us

Letter of Authority

Before we can send you client information, you need to send us a Letter of Authority.

Please download a letter of authority template should you require one.

What you need to include in the letter depends on the type of HL account your client holds, for example a Stocks and Shares ISA or SIPP.

If you’d like us to send you the client's information by email, make sure your email address is on the signed Letter of Authority. We can only send information to the email address that we receive the Letter of Authority from, or email addresses that are on the Letter of Authority itself.

If any of your details change, for example your company name or address, before we send client information, we’ll need a new signed Letter of Authority for each client.

Once completed, please send your Letter of Authority, and any information requests either by email to: operations.queryteam@hl.co.uk or by post: Hargreaves Lansdown, One College Square South, Anchor Road, BS1 5HL.

What you need to include

Select the type of HL account to find out everything you need to include on your Letter of Authority:

What we send you

We help you to understand your client's portfolio by sending you:

  • A cover letter detailing the policy start date
  • A current valuation of the client’s accounts
  • Statements detailing transactions on these accounts for the last 3 years (unless specific dates are requested)

Further information can be sent if requested. Please check what information we are able to send in the 'Other information we can send on request section'

  • To guarantee a response, please make sure you have only requested information that we are able to provide.

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Investing with HL

HL clients can invest in over 3,500 unit trusts and OEICs, managed by a range of over 200 fund management groups. There is no maximum number of funds that can be held in an HL account, and our minimum investment levels are £25 by Direct Debit or £100 lump sum per fund.

Clients also have access to London Stock Exchange listed investment trusts and equities (including AIM), UK gilts, corporate bonds and PIBs, as well as overseas shares from a selection of the world's stock exchanges.

All cash held on HL accounts is in GBP. Income cannot be paid in any other currency. Currency transfers can be made through the HL currency service.

What you should know

Aspects of investing, or the terminology used, may be different with different providers. You may find these explanations useful for understanding what we send you, and where to find any other information you need.

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Not applicable to HL pension policies:

  • Rights protection
  • Life Assurance Premium Relief (LAPR)
  • Maturity dates
  • Guaranteed annuity rates
  • Additional sum assured, waiver of contribution benefits, with-profits, terminal bonuses, market value adjustment

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All instructions to transfer, and amendments to an ongoing transfer, must come directly from the client. We're unable to take any instruction from a third-party without a Power of Attorney.


We expect a transfer to take between 2 to 8 weeks. Electronic transfers are typically completed towards the earlier end of this timeframe.

Timescales are not exact because it depends on

  • The type of account
  • The number and type of investments it holds
  • The current provider
  • Whether the client is transferring cash (uninvested money) or investments

Transferring to HL

Transfer to another provider

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Making a complaint

We always endeavour to offer the best possible service but we recognise that sometimes clients might feel disappointed. We therefore have a Client Services team who will try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

If you raise a complaint on behalf of your client we will fully comply with the FCA’s rules and guidelines on complaints handling. We will aim to resolve complaints promptly, fairly and reasonably based on their merits.

Further information on how to make a complaint on your client’s behalf can be found here: How to make a complaint