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Workplace Financial Education

Empowering your employees to make confident financial decisions

Help your employees become smarter with their finances – particularly their pensions and investments – with our Workplace Financial Education programme.

Whichever combination of benefits you offer, we’ll give your employees the guidance they need to reach their goals, in a way that’s easy to understand.

Our team visit your offices to hold group presentations and one-to-one meetings. For those who are unable to attend, we provide online videos and webinars so no one misses out.

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I enjoyed the presentation – it covered everything I was too embarrassed to admit I didn’t know – a veritable crash course in pensions and investments.


Benefits of our Workplace Financial Education programme

  • Boost employee engagement

    Our authoritative, clear and expert information means employees take control of their finances - helping you encourage engagement and retain talent.

  • Range of topics covered

    We offer a bite-sized financial wellbeing programme covering a range of topics including savings and investments, financial planning, retirement, budgeting and tax. These can be for all employees, or tailored for certain age groups and topics.

  • Measuring success

    Our education programme informs and changes behaviour. That's why we measure employees’ views and perceptions as well as their actions.

  • Personal financial advice

    For those who need more than guidance, our nationwide team of advisers can help for an extra charge. Find out more.

The Rules of Engagement

  • Presentations and webinars

    Pension and investment options explained in a clear and simple format.

  • One-to-one meetings

    For confidential questions, or just extra time to talk through financial decisions.

  • Helpdesk

    We’re here six days a week to help.

  • Branded employee communications

    Clear and simple branded guides, presentations and a suite of printed and online literature.

  • Branded website

    It's easy to log in, view an account and change investments online or with our smartphone and tablet apps.

  • Account management

    We'll create a tailored strategy for improving the financial knowledge of your employees.

Let's get started.

Ask for a demonstration with one of our HL Workplace experts now and discover more.

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