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Workplace Retirement Service

A better way to help your employees retire

The choices your employees make at retirement could affect them for the rest of their lives. That's why our Workplace Retirement Service makes sure they have everything they need to make the right decisions and retire with confidence.

We shop around on their behalf, finding the best annuity rates in a matter of minutes. For those who want more flexibility, we offer a low cost drawdown service. Members can mix and match or even take their entire fund as cash, if they want.

Our service makes retirement as flexible, easy and stress-free as possible – just as it should be.

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Why choose our Workplace Retirement Service?

  • Full pension freedom
    Your employees have the freedom to choose how, and when, they take their pension – based on what best suits their needs. We make sure they have everything they need to make the right decisions.

  • Whole-of-market annuity broker
    We search the open market to get some of the best annuity rates in the UK. This includes fully underwritten enhanced and lifestyle rates online. We're also a market leading low-cost drawdown provider. Find out more.

  • Personal financial advice
    Advice at retirement saves time, tax and provides peace of mind. Our nationwide team of financial advisers can help for an extra charge. Find out more.

  • Support for you
    Our retirement consultants are available whenever you need them. You can also contact our in-house expert team if you have any queries.

  • Full market coverage
    An independent and whole-of-market service including specialist enhanced annuity providers. We're not tied to, or owned by any insurance company or third party administrator.

  • Company-branded website and support material
    With free expert guides, tools and videos to boost engagement, your members have the support they need to make better decisions.

  • Support for your employees
    Our Bristol-based retirement helpdesk is here to help, six days a week. No automated phone menus, just straight through to an expert.

  • Reporting
    Management information, quarterly reporting, and support for trustees and administrators.

Retirement options for your employees

Traditional and Enhanced annuities

Our online annuity engine searches the open market for some of the best rates available. Employees have instant access to these personalised quotes at no cost.


A more flexible but riskier alternative to annuities.

UFPLS (Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum)

Those who don't need their full tax-free cash yet, or a regular income from their pension, can take lump sums from their pension as they want.

Mix and match

Employees can benefit from a secure annuity to cover living costs while leaving the rest in drawdown to enjoy the flexibility it provides.

Let's get started.

From shopping around for the best annuity to a low-cost drawdown service, we've got it covered.

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A better way for your employees to retire

The choices your employees make at retirement could affect them for the rest of their life.

Request our guide to HL Workplace Retirement and find out how to help your employees make the right decisions, at the right time.