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Automate your auto-enrolment

A simple solution for on-going worker assessment

  • Efficient and reliable auto-enrolment.
  • Significant reduction in workload.
  • Seamless integration.
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Why automate your auto-enrolment?

Providing the right pension for your employees is only the first step towards meeting your auto-enrolment obligations.

Auto-enrolment is an on-going process which requires you to continually review your workforce each time you run your payroll, so you can automatically enrol employees as and when they become eligible.

Additionally, eligible employees can opt out of your company pension. It's therefore essential to have the systems and procedures in place to record when an employee opts out so they can be re-enrolled later.

All this can present an unwelcome additional workload for your payroll team and has the potential to cause unnecessary confusion and disruption to your business.

How does our auto-enrolment software work?

Our optional auto-enrolment software will:

  • Assess your workforce each time you run your payroll.
  • Automatically issue statutory notices.
  • Provide the management information you need to certify your workplace pension meets your auto-enrolment obligations.
  • Ensure you satisfy your record keeping obligations.

Our auto-enrolment software is available with the Corporate Vantage or an existing pension scheme.

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