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On-going assessment

Auto-enrolment isn't a one off event that you consider on your company's staging date. You should also view it as an on-going cycle to continually identify who your workers are and establish which of the three categories they should fall into.

In practice, this means you have to assess all workers each time you run your company payroll so you meet your auto-enrolment obligations as soon as there's a change in their eligibility or entitlement. It isn't something you'll only need to do when new workers join the business.

Continually assessing your workers may create significant additional work for your payroll team over and above their usual duties. However, there are a number of options which can help to make this more manageable.

Talk to your payroll provider

Most major payroll software providers can incorporate automatic enrolment as part of the usual payroll run.

This should automatically categorise your workers and ensure the correct pension contributions are paid. It's crucial you know exactly what your payroll provider offers.

Talk to your pension provider

If the software used to prepare your payroll doesn't incorporate automatic enrolment, many pension providers can offer a ready-made auto-enrolment system.

Generally, you'll need to upload certain payroll information online, including a worker's date of birth, company joining date and earnings.

You'll also need to update this information whenever you run your payroll so it's completely up-to-date and reflects any changes in your workers' circumstances.

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