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Executive Planning

Benefits play a central role in recruiting, rewarding and retaining staff, especially high net worth employees. Those individuals tend to lead busy lifestyles and can have complex financial affairs.

Offering executives an enhanced benefits package may not always be enough. They might need and appreciate help in managing those benefits as well as their wider finances.

Typical examples are employees with higher or additional-rate tax liabilities, approaching or exceeding the annual and lifetime pension allowances, or nearing retirement.

How can Hargreaves Lansdown help?

We have a team of specialist Executive Planners who can provide financial advice to your executives. Our planners are based around the country and all hold CII advanced exams in investments and pensions, as well as the Diploma in Financial Planning. They also draw on the considerable research capabilities of Hargreaves Lansdown.

The service we offer is bespoke to your objectives, your executives' profile, their needs and circumstances and can be face-to-face or by telephone.

  • The complete picture
    A full overview of an employee's financial position.
  • Advice on specific topics
    Your employees may want to largely manage their own financial affairs but may need extra support on some occasions.
  • One-off advice
    The need for advice often coincides with a change in personal or financial circumstances, perhaps marriage, a promotion, inheritance, the start or end of their career etc.

Our advisers are salaried employees of Hargreaves Lansdown. All advice is fee based and this fee can be paid either by the employer or directly by the employee.

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