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Hargreaves Lansdown

Independent Governance Committee (IGC)

What is the IGC?

In line with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) requirements, Hargreaves Lansdown established an Independent Governance Committee in April 2015. Their role is to protect the interests of members in the Hargreaves Lansdown Group Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), and ensure they receive value for money.

An open advertisement was placed for the role of chairman and for members of the IGC. The independent chairman was chosen and subsequently helped to select the IGC members.

Applications from both external and internal candidates were considered, and the result is a diverse committee possessing a range of skills and experience.

Who are the IGC members?

What does the IGC do?

The main role of the IGC is to assess value for money for members in the Hargreaves Lansdown Group SIPP. They also:

  • Represent members’ interests
  • Publish an annual report which details their findings (see below)
  • Identify areas of improvement and make recommendations to the Hargreaves Lansdown board
  • Escalate any concerns to the FCA

Each committee member has an expert understanding of the pension provider business.

The Terms of Reference for the IGC are set out below.

The main purpose of the terms is to consider the appropriateness and value of default offerings where members may not have chosen the investment. This is as a result of employers selecting a provider for pension contributions, in particular auto enrolment. The initial focus is on the accumulation of pension funds before retirement.

Download IGC Annual Report 2018

Download IGC Annual Report 2017

Download IGC Annual Report 2016

Download Terms of Reference