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Transferring from an existing HL account to a Lifetime ISA

Step 1 - Read the important information below

  • With HL you make your own investment decisions.
  • Unlike cash, all investments should be regarded as for the long term because they can go down in value as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested. Any yield is variable and not guaranteed.
  • Nothing on the website should be regarded as personal advice so if you have any doubts as to the suitability of an investment for your personal circumstances please contact us for written advice.
  • Remember tax rules can change and the reliefs depend on your personal circumstances.
  • Before you transfer an ISA, Lifetime ISA, Fund or Share please understand the risks and Terms & Conditions (including tariff of charges) of your investment and the Key Features, including the specific risks of any fund you have chosen as well as the Lifetime ISA declaration.
  • If you are transferring to a Lifetime ISA money can be withdrawn to purchase a first home or at age 60. Early withdrawals will usually be subject to a 25% penalty.
  • If you decide to opt out of your workplace pension to pay into a Lifetime ISA, you will not benefit from any employer-matched contributions and it may affect your current and future entitlement to means-tested state benefits
  • By applying for our services you agree to be bound by our terms so it is important you understand these documents; please contact us if you have any queries.
  • If transferring, please ensure you won't lose any valuable guarantees or other benefits, or incur excessive exit fees.

Step 2 - Please complete the form below to download your transfer application

For your own benefit and protection you should read our Terms & Conditions carefully before committing to an investment. If you do not understand any point please ask us for further information.

I apply to subscribe for a Lifetime ISA for the tax year 2017/18 (the first tax year to which this declaration relates) and this declaration shall have effect for each year in which I make a payment to this Lifetime ISA, except that after the account has been opened the reference to age 40 below is deemed to be to age 50. I have read, agreed to and retained the Terms & Conditions, the Important Investment Notes, and Key Features of the Vantage Lifetime ISA and my chosen investment including all costs and charges and, where available, the Simplified Prospectus or Key Investor Information Document/ Key Information Document provided to me on paper or via www.hl.co.uk.

I declare that:

  • I declare that all subscriptions of money made, or to be made, belong to me and that I am 18 years of age or over and either under the age of 40 or the account is being opened to receive a transfer of subscriptions from another lifetime ISA, a defaulted Lifetime ISA subscription or a returned withdrawal after a failed first time residential purchase.
  • I have not subscribed, and will not subscribe, more than the overall subscription limit in total to any combination of permitted ISAs in the same tax year. I have not made, and will not make, current year payments which exceed the Lifetime ISA payment limit in the same tax year. I have not made, and will not make, current year payments or transfers from a Help to Buy ISA to another Lifetime ISA in the same tax year that I make current year payments to this Lifetime ISA.
  • (Other than for accounts opened to receive investments from another lifetime ISA, a defaulted Lifetime ISA subscription or a returned withdrawal after a failed first time residential purchase) I am resident in the United Kingdom for tax purposes or, if not so resident, either perform duties which, by virtue of Section 28 of Income Tax (Earnings & Pensions) Act 2003 (Crown employees serving overseas), are treated as being performed in the United Kingdom, or I am married to, or in a civil partnership with, a person who performs such duties. I will inform Hargreaves Lansdown if I cease to be so resident or to perform such duties or be married to, or in a civil partnership with, a person who performs such duties.

I authorise Hargreaves Lansdown:

  • To hold my cash payments, Lifetime ISA investments, interest, dividends and any other rights or proceeds (including any government bonus) in respect of those investments and cash;
  • To make on my behalf any claims to relief from tax in respect of Lifetime ISA investments;
  • To submit Lifetime ISA bonus claims to HMRC on my behalf;
  • To withhold and deduct from a balance in the Lifetime ISA and pay to HMRC any charges due to withdrawals or any wrongly paid amount of Lifetime ISA bonus and
  • to make a record in writing in accordance with Regulation 12B paragraph (9)(a) of the Individual Savings Account regulations where that paragraph requires Hargreaves Lansdown to do so.

The declaration and the information I will give in my application is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and shall be the basis of the contract between me and Hargreaves Lansdown. I will notify Hargreaves Lansdown without delay of changes to these particulars. I confirm that I have not received advice from Hargreaves Lansdown in relation to the opening of this Lifetime ISA.

In addition to the declaration please read the following statement regarding Hargreaves Lansdown's communications with you.

Hargreaves Lansdown Plc and its group companies will send or email you complimentary issues of our investment publications and information about new products and services. If you would prefer not to receive these, please do let us know. Your personal data will remain confidential, and will not be passed to any other organisation unless required to do so by law.