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PIBS & others

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The website doesn't constitute a personal recommendation. If you have any doubts as to the suitability of an investment, please contact us for advice. The value of investments can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest.

Permanent Interest Bearing Shares (PIBS) are subordinated debt and rank lower than deposits and/or senior bonds in the event of the issuer being forced into liquidation. Many PIBS also have calls, an option that allows the issuer to repurchase the bond at certain dates.

Issuer Coupon (%) Price Actions
Skipton Building Society
GBP | GB0008194119 | 0819411
12.875 221.000 View factsheet Deal now
Coventry Building Society
GBP | GB0002290764 | 0229076
12.125 218.000 View factsheet Deal now
Halifax plc
GBP | GB0000395094 | 0039509
12.000 113.000 View factsheet Deal now
National Westminster
GBP | GB0006210255 | 0621025
11.500 192.000 View factsheet Deal now
Investec Bank plc
GBP | XS0593062788 | B3YB162
9.625 105.570 View factsheet Deal now
GBP | GB0000395102 | 0039510
8.750 111.000 View factsheet Deal now
Skipton Building Society
GBP | GB0004440623 | 0444062
8.500 154.000 View factsheet Deal now
Nationwide Building Society
GBP | GB0001777886 | 0177788
7.859 130.000 View factsheet Deal now
Nationwide Building Society
GBP | GB0031049215 | 3104921
7.250 101.875 View factsheet Deal now
National Westminster Bank
GBP | XS0102493680 | 0847984
7.125 112.250 View factsheet Deal now
GBP | XS0083544212 | 0242277
6.875 108.425 View factsheet Deal now
Aviva Plc
GBP | XS0364880186 | B2RK0H3
6.875 159.425 View factsheet Deal now
Nationwide Building Society
GBP | GB0033627968 | 3362796
6.250 107.500 View factsheet Deal now
GBP | XS0096874671 | 0669694
5.875 134.100 View factsheet Deal now
Wessex Water Services Finance
GBP | XS0178489844 | 3367531
5.750 142.775 View factsheet Deal now
HBOS Treasury Services
GBP | XS0208653773 | B054Q53
4.875 115.325 View factsheet Deal now
OneSavings Bank plc
GBP | GB00B67JQX63 | B67JQX6
4.604 96.750 View factsheet Deal now
Royal Bank of Scotland Plc
GBP | GB00B4RM3T66 | B4RM3T6
3.900 101.000 View factsheet Deal now
Royal Bank of Scotland Plc
GBP | GB00B4P95L57 | B4P95L5
3.900 100.000 View factsheet Deal now
Nationwide Building Society
GBP | GB0001918076 | 0191807
2.508 103.500 View factsheet Deal now
Aberdeen Asia Focus Investment Trust
2.250 103.750 View factsheet Deal now
Places for People Capital Markets
GBP | XS0731910765 | B7L3CH7
1.000 126.850 View factsheet Deal now

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How to deal

Bonds may not be suitable for all investors and neither income nor capital is guaranteed. If you are unsure of their suitability please seek advice.

Over 150 of the most popular corporate bonds and gilts can be bought in a Vantage Account for just £5.95 to £11.95 per deal online. Bonds not covered by our online dealing service can be dealt from £20 per deal over the telephone (1% of the value of the trade, subject to a minimum of £20 and a maximum of £50) during market hours (Mon-Fri, 8:00am-4.30pm). The online share dealing charge is determined by the number of deals you placed in the previous calendar month. Find out more about dealing charges.

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The issuer commits to pay a rate of interest of "X" % per year. This coupon will generally be a fixed amount and is paid annually or semi-annually.
A date is set for the repayment of the money. This is known as the redemption date. The bonds will be redeemed at "par" or 100p in the pound (with some rare exceptions). However, if the issuer fails you might lose some or all of your investment and the income could stop.
Time remaining until maturity.