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Live share prices

Live share prices

FREE with your Hargreaves Lansdown account

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Live share prices are free for all HL clients across the website and in the HL app.

  • No delay - see live prices as soon as markets open
  • Up-to-the-second share prices throughout the day
  • No need to refresh pages - prices update automatically
  • See what your portfolio is worth, live (most UK shares)

See live share prices in action

You don't have to stay 15 minutes behind the markets. With your Hargreaves Lansdown account you can view streaming live prices for most UK listed shares.

Market indices are delayed, but will stream continuously.

Live prices FAQs

How to view live prices

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Get FREE access to live prices when you open any HL Account.
Plus, benefit from award-winning service and low-cost share dealing at £11.95 per deal, or as low as £5.95 per deal for active traders.

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Already have an account with us? Simply log in to your account. Select 'Switch to live prices' when in your account, agree to the declaration and you'll have live streaming prices every time you log in to your account.

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If you hold shares with another broker, or even just share certificates, transferring them to HL is straightforward. All you need to do is complete one simple form and we will look after the rest.

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Frequently asked questions

What are live prices?

London Stock Exchange prices continually update throughout the day. However share prices quoted on many websites are delayed by 15 minutes and only change when you refresh the page. HL clients can view up-to-the-second live prices, which continually update (stream).

Will I be charged for viewing live share prices?

No, live share prices are free for all HL clients on our website and in the HL mobile app.

How do I turn on live prices?

All HL accounts show streaming delayed prices by default. All you need to do to turn on live share prices is log in to your account and change your preferences.

Can I access live prices on the HL mobile app?

Yes, live prices are available for HL clients on the HL app for iPhone and Android.

What does streaming mean?

Streaming means that the prices will continuously update. There is no need to refresh the page to get the latest price.

Are the indices live?

No, they are delayed by 15 minutes but they will be streaming so you don’t need to refresh the page.

Can I turn streaming prices off?

You can choose to view:

  • Share prices: streaming live, streaming delayed or static delayed prices
  • Indices: streaming delayed or static delayed

Can I view a live price without streaming?

No, static prices can only be viewed as 15-minute delayed prices.

What stocks will have live prices?

Most LSE-listed stocks will have live prices available, including equities, ETFs and investment trusts.

Why does the live price differ from the price quoted when I trade?

When you trade we poll up to 28 market makers to get the best price and in many cases this will be better than the market price. However, in certain cases, such as when the number of shares is outside the normal market size, the trade quote price may be worse than the market price. In addition, when the market is moving very quickly the price may change in seconds.

Are overseas share prices live?

No, live prices are only available for LSE-listed shares.

Are share and index charts live?

No, share and index charts will continue to display prices delayed by at least 15 minutes.