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Annuity quote expiry terms

Annuity quotes are guaranteed for a limited time. This is shown on your quote and summarised below.

The annuity provider must receive the funds from your pension provider(s), and in some cases all outstanding paperwork, within this expiry term to secure the rate quoted. If the funds are received after the quote expires and rates have changed you will receive the new rate offered by the provider.

Annuity quote expiry terms December 2016
Annuity provider Quote expiry term
Aviva 10 working days from next rate change.
Canada Life 14 days from next rate change.
Hodge Lifetime 30 days from the date Hodge Lifetime receive your application, providing this is within 14 days from the date of the quote.
Just Retirement 45 days from date of quote, provided Just Retirement receive your application within 14 days.
Legal & General 35 days from the date of quote.
Retirement Advantage 14 days from next rate change.
Scottish Widows 30 days from date of quote.

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