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Best annuity rates

Best annuity rates

The best annuity rates from the UK's leading annuity providers

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This week's best annuity rates

To help you get an idea of what an annuity pays, we compile the best annuity rates available for a £100,000 pension each week. Annuity rates change all the time, so they could be higher or lower in the future.

The exact income you could receive will depend on the value of your pension, your personal details and the options you choose. Remember, your annuity income is taxable.

Make sure you confirm health and lifestyle details when you get a quote as you could be entitled to an enhanced annuity.

  Age 55 Age 60 Age 65 Age 65
Age 70 Age 75
Single life, level, no guarantee £3,812 £4,201 £4,910 £5,438 £5,790 £7,166
Single life, level, 5 year guarantee £3,807 £4,196 £4,882 £5,407 £5,734 £7,019
Single life, RPI, 5 year guarantee £1,777 £2,165 £2,867 £3,387 £3,680 £4,995
Single life, 3% escalation, 5 year guarantee £2,201 £2,593 £3,325 £3,766 £4,158 £5,463
Joint life 50%, level, no guarantee £3,521 £3,901 £4,371 £4,992 £5,064 £6,157
Joint life 50%, 3% escalation, no guarantee £1,949 £2,321 £2,821 £3,302 £3,568 £4,630

Key to words used in table

These quotes were generated on 8 April 2021 using our online annuity quote tool, which compares the rates available from the UK's leading annuity providers. All quotes are based on an average postcode and paid monthly in advance. The joint life quotes assume the spouse is three years younger than the person buying the annuity.

*Smoker annuity based on a 65 year old who has smoked 10 cigarettes a day for the last 20 years and drinks 15 units of alcohol a week.

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Best annuity rates in the last 3 years

We generated these quotes using our online annuity quote tool between 29 March 2018 and 25 March 2021. All the quotes in the graph are based on a £100,000 single life level annuity with a five year guarantee built in, and paid monthly in advance.

The potential cost of delay

It might be tempting to put off buying your annuity in the hope that rates rise, but the cost of delaying could be significant. You can estimate the potential costs or benefits of delaying your annuity by using our annuity delay calculator.