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Free retirement consultation

"The communications are always simple to read, concise and engaging"

Dermot Courtier, Pensions Policy Secretary, Kingfisher Pension Scheme

Do you want to help your employees receive the highest possible income from their pension? Do you want to facilitate "appropriate decumulation decisions", one of The Pensions Regulator's 'good outcomes'? Simply complete your details to request a complimentary retirement consultation. We'll contact you to confirm a date and time.

Hargreaves Lansdown PLC group companies will usually send you further information by post and/or email about our products and services. If you would prefer not to receive this, please do let us know. Your personal data will remain confidential, and will never be passed to any other company, unless required by law.

What will I gain from this complimentary consultation?

The subjects of the consultation will vary depending on your situation and objectives. To give you an idea, these are some of the most popular topics:

  • How the annuity shopping around service works and what difference it can make to employees' incomes
  • How to make this the default option for your scheme
  • How to automatically screen your employees online to see if they qualify for enhanced annuity rates
  • How to offer a comprehensive retirement service, including annuities, enhanced annuities, Income Drawdown, Phased Retirement or a combination – without additional administrative burden

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