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How to secure the best retirement income for employees

Guide to Retirement

A better retirement income for your employees

Learn how you can help your employees achieve the best possible income in retirement with our simple guide.

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For private sector companies with 50+ employees.

Secure the best retirement income for your employees

It is estimated that defined contribution members are collectively missing out on between £500 million to £1 billion a year in additional retirement income. Why not see how you can help your employees receive the best possible income when they retire.

This guide explains:

  • How trustees can meet their responsibilities.
  • How the abolition of compulsory annuities and default retirement age could have an effect on the retirement service you offer.
  • Why poor choices at retirement could give members up to 40% less income when they retire
  • How employers can clearly communicate retirement options to their employees.

This guide is not advice.

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