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Free financial education consultation

"The youngest members of our workforce got the most from the financial education sessions. This is great because they have been the group that have least engaged with our pension to date."

Sarah Draper, HR Director at Gerald Eve

Are you concerned about employee engagement? Simply complete your details to request a complimentary financial education consultation. We'll contact you to confirm a date and time.

This free consultation is specifically offered to private companies with a minimum of 50 employees. If you have less than this, please contact us on 0117 314 1783 or email

Hargreaves Lansdown PLC group companies will usually send you further information by post and/or email about our products and services. If you would prefer not to receive this, please do let us know. Your personal data will remain confidential, and will never be passed to any other company, unless required by law.

What are the benefits of financial education?

Household finances are under strain, personal debt has reached an all-time high and an overhaul of pension rules mean financial awareness is more important than ever.

Changes to the workplace pension rules have meant people are now looking to their employers for help with their financial plans. It's in the employers' best interest too - a workforce filled with anxiety and stress is unlikely to perform at their best.

Our financial education programme means:

  • 97.3% feel more confident in understanding how to manage their money
  • 96.8% are more likely to consider setting their own personal financial goals
  • 83.9% understand more about how to manage any debt they may have
  • 96.8% are more likely to consider saving alongside their company pension

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