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HL Select
UK Income shares

Our favourite dividend shares in a single fund

AccumulationIncome ?

Sell: 94.45p|Buy: 94.45p|Change 1.90p (2.05%)

Correct as at 20/05/2022

Sell: 116.28p|Buy: 116.28p|Change 2.35p (2.06%)

Correct as at 20/05/2022

Important information - The value of this fund can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invested, especially over the short term. The information shown is not personal advice, if you are at all unsure of the suitability of an investment for your circumstances please contact us for personal advice. The HL Select UK Income Shares Fund is managed by our sister company HL Fund Managers Ltd.

What is HL Select UK Income Shares?

A portfolio of high quality, dividend paying shares chosen and managed by our experts in a single fund. Aiming to offer an attractive, and growing, level of income, with long-term capital growth potential, plus a high level of transparency and insight.

  • Income and growth
    Focused on high quality businesses we believe offer excellent long-term dividend and capital growth potential.
  • Monthly dividends
    Choose to have income automatically rolled back into the fund or dividends paid monthly.
  • Low charges
    A new level of information and insight for less than the cost of the average fund.

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The Power of Dividends

We believe investing in dividend paying companies is one of the most powerful ways to grow long-term wealth. For income, the attraction is clear. But dividends are just as valuable for growth, as reinvesting dividends has significantly boosted returns over the long term. Remember past performance is not a guide to the future and investors could get back less than they invest.

We are free to invest in large, medium or higher-risk smaller companies to find those that, we believe, have the most potential. We aim to hold about 30 companies, spread across 15 sectors, so each can make a real impact on returns, though it also increases risk compared to a more diversified approach. That’s why we focus so much on financial strength, as well as dividend potential.

Monthly Dividends

Income from the fund will be paid monthly. Investors can choose to have this automatically rolled back into the fund, by choosing accumulation units, or receive the dividends each month by choosing income units. We aim to provide a consistent dividend payment each month, although it is not guaranteed. Charges can be taken from capital, which increases the yield but reduces the potential for capital growth.

Superior investor insight

Insight into exactly what's happening with your money

Detailed fund breakdown

  • See every shareholding once dealt, not just the top 10

  • Find out exactly why we hold each share

  • Up-to-date overall fund performance and breakdown

Find out what we hold and why

Managers' blog and email alerts

Learn what we buy and sell in the portfolio, along with our latest thoughts on the holdings and market when it matters most. Stay up-to-date with portfolio performance reports delivered directly to your inbox every month.

HL Select UK Income Shares – Q1 2022 Review

The first quarter of 2022 witnessed the return of war to Europe, surging inflation, led by rocketing energy prices, and ongoing economic disruption linked to the pandemic. Read more

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HL Select UK Income Shares – Q4 2021 Review

The final three months of the year saw the market push higher. The market's strength came even as evidence mounted that inflation was proving to be more deeply established worldwide, not least in the UK. Read more

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5 historic years

We launched the HL Select UK Growth Shares fund almost five years ago; since then, two other stablemates have followed, the HL Select UK Income Shares fund and the HL Select Global Growth Shares fund. Read more

Managers' thoughts

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Low fixed annual fund charges


Net initial charge
(only available from HL)


Fixed ongoing fund charge


Maximum HL charge


Maximum overall charge

The ongoing charge is fixed and taken directly from the fund. This covers the management of the fund and all expenses other than transactional fees, which are incurred by all funds when shares are bought or sold. The HL charge is our platform charge which won't be over 0.45%. Both of these charges will be payable if you want to hold the fund with HL, amounting to a maximum of just 1.05% in total.

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