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Please ensure you won't lose valuable guarantees or benefits or
incur excessive exit fees.

If you're happy making your own investment decisions and you want to take control of your pensions, transferring them to the Vantage SIPP is easy - we'll do all the legwork for you. Before transferring, please ensure you won’t lose any valuable guarantees or benefits or incur excessive exit fees.

Transfer now and benefit from:

  • Low costs
    No fees from us to transfer-in, no contribution fees, no fund dealing fees and low charges to hold funds. Online share dealing from £5.95 - £11.95 a deal and a low annual charge to hold shares of just 0.45% (capped at £200 per annum). Plus, exclusive super-low annual charges on top-performing funds. SIPP charges and interest rates
  • Wide investment choice
    Choose funds run by some of the finest fund managers, as well as shares, investment trusts, gilts, corporate bonds, ETFs and cash. Remember, all stock market investments can fall as well as rise in value so you may get back less than you invest. Where can I invest?
  • Complete control
    Choose your own pension investments and manage them yourself online, by phone and post, or on your smartphone with our FREE app for iPhone and Android whenever you wish. Managing a SIPP
  • Voted Best SIPP Provider eight years running
    We have been voted 'Best SIPP Provider' by readers of What Investment magazine for the last eight years running.

Transfer and receive cash back

Transfer by 12 May 2015 and we will pay you between £20 and £500 if you transfer £5,000 or more. The money does not come from your pension; it's a thank you from us. The more you transfer, the more you receive. Terms apply.

To qualify automatically we must receive your transfer form by 12 May 2015. However, if you need more time to decide please let us know and we will extend this deadline for you by up to six months. To request more time simply call our Helpdesk on 0117 980 9926 or email transferoffer@hl.co.uk with your full name and address.

You will receive your cash back after the offer closes and all your transfers complete. All we ask is that you keep your account with us for at least a year. If you transfer away or close your account in that time, we will ask you to repay the value of any cash back paid.

ISAs, funds and shares transferred to our Vantage Service also qualify for cash back. See full terms of the offer.

You Transfer We pay you
£5000 - £19,999 £20
£20,000 - £49,999 £50
£50,000 - £99,999 £100
£100,000 - £124,999 £250
£125,000 or more £500
Transfer now

Which pensions can you transfer?

You can transfer most types of pension to the Vantage SIPP (the total combined value of pensions being transferred must be £1,000 or more), normally without needing advice. These include:

  • Personal and stakeholder pensions
  • Retirement Annuity Contracts (RACs)
  • Other SIPPs
  • Most Additional Voluntary Contribution plans (AVCs) including Free Standing AVCs
  • Executive Pension Plans (EPPs)
  • Most paid-up occupational money purchase pensions
  • Old protected rights pensions accrued from contracting out of the State Second Pension or SERPS (State Earnings Related Pension)
  • Pensions in income drawdown

If you have a final salary pension, or another type not listed above, please call our Pensions Helpdesk on 0117 980 9926 for more information.

How do you transfer your pension?

Simply fill in a two-minute transfer form and return it to us at the FREEPOST address on the form. We will then arrange the transfer for you and let you know when you can start enjoying the freedom of managing your SIPP. Before you transfer, please ensure you have read and understood the Vantage SIPP Key Features (including the Transfer Checklist and Common Transfer Declaration), Terms & Conditions and Important Investment Notes.

You should also check whether benefits such as your tax-free cash entitlement are comparable with those offered by your existing pension and make sure you are aware of any penalties you may be charged, or any bonuses or guarantees you may lose by transferring.

Unsure where to invest? The Vantage SIPP lets you choose your own investments but there's no need to choose today - we will transfer your pension as cash so you can decide when the transfer completes. This means it will be unaffected by stock market rises or falls during this period.

Transfer to the Vantage SIPP

Important information

A SIPP is a type of pension for people happy to make their own investment decisions. Investments go down in value as well as up so you could get back less than you invest. The rules mentioned are those currently applying and could change in the future. You can normally only access the money from age 55. Tax reliefs depend on your circumstances. This website is not personal advice, if you are unsure an investment is right for you, please seek advice.

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Client case study

SIPP case study - Mr Houghton

Graham Houghton (54) from Somerset recently transferred a stakeholder pension, which contained protected rights, to the low cost Vantage SIPP.

Read his story

SIPP case study - Mr Houghton

My transfer ran very smoothly

"I've held ISAs with Hargreaves Lansdown for several years, as do my wife and children. The level of service I’ve received and quality of administration prompted me to transfer my pension to the Vantage SIPP.

Holding everything under one roof saves valuable time and makes managing them much easier. It’s also a relief to receive paperwork from just one company. Switching my pension to the Vantage SIPP has given me more control over where it’s invested.

As I’m getting closer to retirement I wanted to diversify the investments in my pension, to help manage the risk. Investment choice was limited in my stakeholder pension and I felt the life-styling option was restrictive. The Vantage SIPP gives me much more choice, allowing me to hold a good spread of investments. I hold funds which invest in UK shares, emerging markets and corporate bonds. The Hargreaves Lansdown website is full of information to help me find the best investments.

Applying presented no problems and my transfer ran very smoothly. I’ve read how other investors are happy with the service from Hargreaves Lansdown, and it’s true - I’m more than happy with the way things are going and the underlying service has been great.

Switching to the Vantage SIPP has also helped me keep a closer eye on my pension. With my stakeholder I would typically just look at the statements that arrived in the post. Now I regularly view my SIPP online to see how the funds are performing."

Voted 'Best SIPP Provider' eight years running

Best SIPP Provider