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Junior SIPP calculator

Find out how much your child’s pension could be worth in the future by saving each month

Open a Junior SIPP

How much are you planning on investing each year?

This tax year 2020/21 you can add up to £3,600 gross (£2,880 net) to a Junior SIPP. This works out as a regular investment of £300 gross (£240 net + £60 tax relief) per month over a year.

(£83.33 per month)

Actual cost to you
(after government tax relief)

Monthly: Annually:

3 years
Expected growth rate (?)

Important information: this calculator is just an illustration, not a projection of what your child’s investments will be worth. The annual growth rate actually achieved will depend on the investments chosen. Results are calculated with an assumed annual charge of 1.25% (based on our platform charge and a typical fund annual charge). The actual charges could be higher or lower than this, please see our Junior SIPP Charges page for more details. They do not take account of inflation, which will reduce the amount of goods and services money can buy in the future. Money in a pension can normally only be accessed from age 55 (57 from 2028 which is likely to rise further in the future).

Remember the value of investments can fall as well as rise so your child could get back less than invested. Tax rules can change and the value of benefits available depends on individual circumstances.

Our Junior SIPP

Invest in your child’s future by starting a tax-efficient pension from just £25 a month

Find out more and open a Junior SIPP
This is the annual growth rate you anticipate on your child’s investments. This rate is not guaranteed – the value of investments can rise and fall so your child could get back less than invested.
The government automatically pays 20% tax relief on contributions up to £3,600 gross. In other words, pay in £2,880 and the taxman tops it up by £720.