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ISA allowance 2016/17

Each tax year the government sets an annual limit on how much you can put into an ISA. The 2016/17 tax year runs from 6 April 2016 to 5 April 2017.

How much can I invest in an ISA?

This tax year you can invest up to £15,240 in ISAs.

You can split your allowance however you choose between a Stocks & Shares ISA, a Cash ISA, and an Innovative Finance ISA, providing you stay within the overall £15,240 limit.

The annual ISA allowance is per individual. This means a husband and wife can put up to £30,480 between them into ISAs this tax year.

In the 2017/18 tax year the annual ISA allowance will increase to £20,000.

In April 2017 the government are also introducing a new Lifetime ISA to help adults under 40 save for a first home or retirement. You can find out more about the lifetime ISA here.

ISA contributions calculator

Use the sliders below or enter an amount in the box to see how much you will be able to invest in a Stocks & Shares or Cash ISA:

2016/2017 Stocks & Shares ISA contributions:


2016/2017 Cash ISA contributions:


Total remaining ISA allowance:


Why choose a Stocks & Shares ISA?

  • Tax-free growth
    Those happy with the risks involved can invest up to £15,240 in a Stocks and Shares ISA this tax year with no UK income tax or capital gains tax to pay on your returns.
  • Improve your returns
    Investing your ISA allowance in stocks and shares could make more of your money, with interest rates on cash at record lows. Remember, unlike the security of cash, investments go down in value as well as up so you could get back less than you invest.

    See if you could benefit from a Stocks & Shares ISA with our ISA calculator.
  • Access your money when you need it
    You can sell your investments and withdraw cash at any time. If you withdraw cash that you have paid into an HL Stocks & Shares ISA this tax year, it will still count towards your annual ISA allowance.

Open a Stocks & Shares ISA online in minutes

Open your ISA today from as little as £25 a month or with a lump sum of £100 or more. If you're unsure where to invest in your Stocks & Shares ISA, you can open it today, hold your money as cash in your Stocks & Shares ISA and then choose your investments later.

Open a Stocks & Shares ISA

More about ISA limits and rules

  • You can only have one Stocks & Shares ISA, one Cash ISA and one Innovative Finance ISA per tax year. However, you can open ISAs with different providers each tax year if you wish.

  • The deadline for making an ISA contribution for the tax year 2016/17 is midnight 5 April 2017.

    If you miss the deadline, your allowance will not roll over to the next tax year, and you will have lost that portion of your ISA allowance.

  • Anyone who was married or in a civil partnership with someone who died on or after 3 December 2014 can now apply for an additional ISA allowance, known as the Additional Permitted Subscription (APS).

    The APS is equal to the value of the ISA held by the deceased on the date of death. For example, if your spouse died on or after 3 December 2014 with an ISA valued at £50,000, this would be your APS. Where an investor held ISAs with several companies, a separate APS will be available for each.

    Find out more about the Additional Permitted Subscription