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Vantage Cash ISA

Why a Cash ISA?

A Cash ISA is just like any other savings account except the interest you earn is tax-free. You can withdraw your savings whenever you need, and you don't need to declare Cash ISAs on your tax return, so they can make life simpler as well as save you tax.

Why the Vantage Cash ISA?

The Vantage Cash ISA offers a variable interest rate of 1% gross. There's no introductory bonus which will be withdrawn after a few months, and the interest rate is pegged to the Bank of England Base Rate.

Some Cash ISAs might pay more in the short term, but we aim to pay a competitive rate over the long term.

Over time our Cash ISA should offer good returns without the need to constantly move your account between providers.

  • Save up to £5,940 into your Cash ISA this tax year.
  • Variable rate of 1% gross - pegged to the Bank of England Base Rate.
  • Higher fixed rates periodically available for 1 and 2 year terms.
  • Available for new money and transfers.
  • Minimum subscription £500 lump sum, or £50 per month for regular savings. Please note fixed rates are not available for regular savings.
  • Variable interest rate paid monthly, fixed rates paid at the end of the term.

We have negotiated these terms with Lloyds Bank, and our arrangement with them means the variable interest rate will only change when the Bank of England Base Rate changes. If this link is amended we will provide three months' notice, giving you ample time to consider your options. In addition, we shall publish the rate you receive in your six monthly valuations and, if we have your email address, notify you by email whenever it changes. Within the Vantage Cash ISA you will always know the interest rate you receive.

As well as the variable rate Cash ISA we sometimes offer higher fixed rates, typically for one or two year terms. When each fixed term ends, your money will roll automatically into the next offer for the equivalent term (where available) so you continue to benefit from higher fixed rates. Prior to each rollover we shall contact you with the new rate, and if you would prefer your money switched to our variable rate Cash ISA or paid out simply let us know.

Vantage Cash ISA rates

  No. of days interest Gross % AER %
Variable rate N/A 1.00 1.00
Fixed rate - 1 year
(starting 24/04/2014, maturing 24/04/2015)
365 1.35 1.35
Fixed rate - 2 year
(starting 24/04/2014, maturing 22/04/2016)
729 1.70 1.70

AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and shows the interest rate you receive over the year taking into account the effect of compounding interest payments.

All monies held in the HL Vantage Cash ISA and the fixed rates offered within this product are held solely with Lloyds Bank.

These fixed rates start on 24 April 2014 so we need your instructions by 22 April 2014. The minimum investment in each fixed term is £50, with the minimum to open the Cash ISA being £500. Unfortunately, we cannot accept regular savings into the fixed terms. Your money will be held at the current variable rate (1%) until the start of the term, when it will be transferred to the fixed rate you have chosen.

The maturity dates above indicate the date the fixed term ends. Interest is calculated up to and including the day prior to maturity, the exact number of days interest is noted for your clarity. Interest will be credited to your account on the date of maturity. We will contact you in advance of the fixed offer finishing with the new, equivalent rate (where available) and outline your options. Please remember that no withdrawals are permitted from these fixed terms except on account closure, in which case all interest earned under that fixed offer will be forfeited.

The benefits don't end there

  • Convenience

    You will be able to follow your Cash ISAs on your six monthly valuations and online alongside your other investments. We will administer the Cash ISA, and the money will be held solely with Lloyds Bank.

  • Service

    Save or withdraw (from the variable rate only) by telephone, post or online, and if you have any queries call us. We don't use automated telephone lines.

  • Income or growth

    Take the interest as income, have it paid directly into your bank account, or roll it up, tax-free, within your ISA.

How to open a Vantage Cash ISA?

Any UK resident, aged 16 or older, can save into a Cash ISA (min £500 lump sum or just £50 per month ). You can save up to £5,940 this tax year. You can also transfer Cash ISAs (but not Stocks & Shares ISAs) from previous tax years into our Cash ISA retaining their tax-free status, without affecting the amount you can save this tax year. Please read the Terms & Conditions and Key Features of the Vantage ISA for full details before you apply.

Open a Vantage Cash ISA

Transfer existing Cash ISAs

Important information

Please remember, the value of tax savings will depend on your circumstances and tax rules can change over time. Inflation can reduce the spending power of cash over the long term.

Have a question?

If you're confused about ISAs, or have a question not covered in this section, call our friendly Helpdesk.


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