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Wealth 150

Introducing Wealth 150+ funds

View our favourite funds
Important information - The value of funds can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest, especially over the short term. The information shown is not personal advice, if you are at all unsure of the suitability of an investment for your circumstances please contact us for personal advice.

What is the Wealth 150+?

The HL Wealth 150+ is a list of our favourite funds, it includes:

  • Wealth 150+ funds

    These are the funds we believe offer first-class, long-term performance potential. For these outstanding funds, we've negotiated low ongoing charges for our clients.

  • Wealth 150+ tracker funds

    These are our favourite funds that aim to track the performance of a stock market index.

  • Wealth 150 funds

    Regular Wealth 150 funds are funds we believe have excellent long-term prospects, though they don't carry the same low charges or first-class potential as Wealth 150+ funds.

Important information - The value of funds can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest, especially over the short term. The information shown is not personal advice, if you are at all unsure of the suitability of an investment for your circumstances please contact us for personal advice.

Why choose a Wealth 150+ fund?

  • Only the best funds

    Our Wealth 150+ is continually reviewed against strict criteria and updated to ensure it only includes those funds that offer the best prospects.

  • Low ongoing charges

    On average our clients save 23% on the ongoing charges figure for Wealth 150+ funds. The Vantage charge also applies. View our charges

View our favourite funds

How we select Wealth 150+ funds

We believe the highest-calibre fund managers share a specific set of skills and attributes. Hundreds of hours of research goes into our analysis of track records and we spend hundreds more questioning managers on their approach.

When we talk about exceptional fund managers we mean those with a demonstrable track record of adding value for investors. Importantly, we also believe they will deliver performance in excess of their benchmark index, or the average fund in their sector, over the long term.

When it comes to index tracker funds we look for those with the potential to track their index as closely as possible. This means losing as little as possible to costs and tracking method.

What we look for in a fund manager

  • Fund managers who feature on the Wealth 150+ have an average track record of 16 years.

    We build a full picture of a fund manager’s career, rather than just follow the performance of the fund. This means we have evidence of their capability and confidence in their future prospects, even though they might only have managed their current fund for a short period.

    Fund management is a business where streaks of good (or bad) luck are common. Such streaks can last several years and it is difficult to separate luck from skill over relatively short periods. We have learnt a long track record is vital to reduce the risk of investing with a manager who gets off to a fortunate start. We prefer this to be at least seven years. This is likely to incorporate a full economic or stock market cycle. Performance can be reviewed under a variety of conditions, periods of sustained rises and sharp losses included, giving us evidence of their capability and confidence in their future prospects.

  • We analyse hundreds of portfolios every month to see what a manager has delivered and what this means for the future.

    We drill through the past performance to determine what part of the return can be attributed to the types of stocks held, the size, economic sector, the country and what can be attributed to the manager’s stock picking ability.

    Experience tells us returns generated through strong stock picking are most likely to be replicated in future. This means we think it is important for a fund manager to demonstrate an ability to not just back the right sectors, for example, but to invest in the best companies within these sectors. An ability to add value through 'stock selection' in this way – by picking long-term winners and avoiding losers – is an important criterion for us.

    There are a few exceptional managers who excel at evaluating the economic picture and allocating capital to the sectors, countries or assets they feel will perform best. They are rarer.

  • Quantitative research forms a large part of our analytical tool kit, but interviewing the individuals and teams responsible for managing a fund is equally important.

    We have interviewed thousands of fund managers over the years. We expect them to explain how they conduct research, analyse companies and construct their portfolios. We also consider a number of other factors when we assess a fund manager and team, including:

    • Practical and professional experience
    • Successes and failures
    • Their aims - what they intend to achieve and how they plan to achieve it
    • Stability - there is no point investing into a fund if the manager is ready to leave
    • The amount of money under management
    • Focus – does he or she run other funds?
    • The stability and resources of the fund management company

Why do we provide the Wealth 150+?

We aim to highlight a selection of the best funds across the main industry sectors. We do not expect Wealth 150+ funds to be at the top of the performance tables all the time. Different asset classes, sectors and fund management styles come in and out of favour at different times and this will be reflected in the performance of the Wealth 150+ funds, particularly over the short term.

The Wealth 150+ is designed to narrow down the choice once an investor has made the decision to invest in a certain sector. However we tend to avoid excessively volatile or unpredictable funds; and if we can’t find a great fund manager in a particular sector we are happy to have no funds from that sector on the Wealth 150+.

Our research is provided for your own interest, it is not a guide to how you should invest. Investors should consider their own objectives and attitude to risk before making investment decisions. If you are unsure of the suitability of an investment you should seek advice.

Fund managers cannot pay to feature on the Wealth 150+. Our clients pay a percentage fee to hold funds in a Vantage Account. This means we are incentivised solely to identify the best funds and help clients grow their wealth.

View our favourite funds

Wealth 150 performance since launch

Wealth 150 performance since launch

Source: Hargreaves Lansdown, correct as at 31/08/16

As the graph shows, investments can fall in value as well as rise, and please remember past performance is not a guide to future returns.

Calculation: The performance of the Wealth 150 has been calculated on a monthly basis since 01/12/2003. A fund's performance only contributes during the period when the fund is on the Wealth 150. Each fund in the Wealth 150 has an equal weighting.