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Wealth Shortlist Trackers

Our Wealth Shortlist contains tracker funds from across the main sectors that our analysts believe offer both quality and value.

The process for selecting tracker funds for the Wealth Shortlist is similar to the same as for actively managed funds. You can read how our analysts research and select funds for the Wealth Shortlist. However, there are a few considerations unique to tracker funds outlined below.

What did we look for?

We drew up this list after carefully researching the market. We not only want to make sure each fund has tracked its index closely in the past, but that it’s is best placed to track well in future.

Index tracked - It is important to consider which index a fund aims to track. We generally feel that broader, more diversified indices are better and have wider appeal.

Charges - Costs are the only guaranteed contributor to ongoing performance. Unlike with active funds, where there is potential for a good fund manager to outperform an index, passive funds will broadly deliver the market less fees. This is why they’re are an important consideration when assessing passive funds. We feel these funds offer the best combination of quality and value.

Physical replication - When the fund holds all the shares or bonds in the index, whereas partial replication is when the fund chooses not to hold some smaller stocks. We generally think feel that full replication is best for investors, as it leads to more precise tracking, but recognise that this is unfeasible in some markets.

Stock lending - The process where a fund lends its holdings to a third party in exchange for a fee. Stock lending offsets costs, but it does carry some risk. We’re are comfortable with this only if investors benefit and the manager takes steps to control the risks.

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Change view: Charges and discounts | Prices and yields | Annual percentage growth | Replication | Stock lending


Current priceEstimated yieldValuation date
Sell (p)Buy (p)Change (p)
iShares Corporate Bond Index (H)
Accumulation | GBP Corporate Bond
139.70 147.70 -0.10 2.08 23-10-2020
iShares Emerging Markets Equity Index (H)
Accumulation | Global Emerging Markets
178.50 188.20 +0.20 2.22 23-10-2020
iShares Japan Equity Index (H)
Accumulation | Japan
189.20 199.10 +1.10 2.01 23-10-2020
iShares Pacific ex Japan Equity Index (H)
Accumulation | Asia Pacific Ex Japan
173.00 182.40 +0.70 2.87 23-10-2020


Current priceEstimated yieldValuation date
Sell (p)Buy (p)Change (p)
Fidelity Index World (Class P)
Accumulation | Global
215.28 +1.74 1.72 23-10-2020

HSBC Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd

Current priceEstimated yieldValuation date
Sell (p)Buy (p)Change (p)
HSBC FTSE 250 Index (Class S)
Accumulation | UK All Companies
258.74 +2.65 2.75 23-10-2020

Legal & General

Current priceEstimated yieldValuation date
Sell (p)Buy (p)Change (p)
Legal & General All Stocks Gilt Index Trust (C)
Accumulation | UK Gilt
252.50 -0.80 0.80 23-10-2020
Legal & General European Index (Class C)
Accumulation | Europe Excluding UK
458.10 +4.40 2.00 23-10-2020
Legal & General Future World ESG Developed Index
Accumulation | Global
60.70 +0.41 0.00 23-10-2020
Legal & General International Index Trust (C)
Accumulation | Global
170.10 +1.30 1.90 23-10-2020
Legal & General UK 100 Index (Class C)
Accumulation | UK All Companies
200.40 +3.10 4.80 23-10-2020
Legal & General UK Index (Class C)
Accumulation | UK All Companies
274.20 +4.00 4.60 23-10-2020
Legal & General UK Mid Cap Index (Class I)
Accumulation | UK All Companies
51.00 +0.55 2.60 23-10-2020
Legal & General US Index (Class C)
Accumulation | North America
695.50 +4.30 1.40 23-10-2020