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Category: Markets

How changes in sterling are affecting British businesses and personal finances

Sophie Lund-Yates and Ryan Kenny discuss the impact of Brexit on the stock market and currency, and what this could mean for your finances.

Sophie Lund-Yates & Ryan Kenny

12 Sep 2019 4 min read

Category: Investing and saving

How investors should navigate politics

We reveal what the current political turmoil means for your money – and some potential UK stock picks for the brave.

Emma Wall, Head of Investment Analysis

05 Sep 2019 4 min read

Category: Politics

What does sterling's fall mean for you and your investments?

Our experts weigh in on sterling's weakness

Ryan Kenny & Nicholas Hyett

04 Sep 2019 4 min read

Category: Markets

What can investors expect from the General Election?

It has been a whirlwind week for British politics – and it’s not over yet. In our latest video, we look at the likely chain of events and reveal what we know about the election policies of the main political parties.

Emma Wall, Head of Investment Analysis

04 Sep 2019 5 min read

Category: Politics

A general election on the horizon?

With MPs back to work today after a long summer break, we look at what’s going on in Parliament today and the possibility of a general election.

Edie Bond

03 Sep 2019 2 min read

Category: Markets

Johnson, Hunt and your money

We look at what the leadership contest could mean for you.

Edie Bond

19 Jul 2019 5 min read

Category: Markets

Politics round up - what it means for your money

Don’t let short-term noise get in the way of your long-term plan.

Emma Wall

29 May 2019 4 min read

Category: Markets

Brexit’s delayed but your financial decisions shouldn’t be

Despite the political struggles lots of UK companies have been announcing strong results

Nadeem Umar & Nicholas Hyett

14 Mar 2019 3 min read