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Inheritance Tax

Category: Essentials

What happens if you die without a Will?

We explain how writing a Will and preparing for inheritance tax could lessen the financial burden for your loved ones when you die.

Laura Burridge

12 Nov 2019 4 min read

Category: Politics

Labour propose new IHT rules

Proposals could limit the amount each person can inherit without paying tax.

Bruce Pearce

12 Jul 2019 3 min read

Category: Essentials

Time to have ‘The Talk’ with your children?

We’re often a bit squeamish about talking about our finances, even with those who’ll be most affected by it. But, at some point, we all have to have the money talk.

Nadeem Umar

09 Jul 2019 3 min read

Category: Essentials

Is gifting really over?

Could you save tax by making use of your allowances this year?

Bruce Pearce

15 Jan 2019 3 min read

Category: Investing and saving

Planning your retirement: is there a one size fits all solution?

When it comes to one of the most important decisions of all, your retirement plan, can one size fit all?

Bruce Pearce

26 Sep 2018 3 min read