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Tracker and Passive

Category: Funds

Why global index trackers need closer inspection

Jonathon Curtis looks at how investing in global index tracker funds might not offer as much diversification as you’d expect.

Jonathon Curtis, Investment Analyst

11 Feb 2020 3 min read

Category: Funds

Most popular Stocks and Shares ISA funds in January 2020

With investor confidence on the rise, discover the funds HL Stocks and Shares ISA investors were investing in during January.

Joseph Hill

06 Feb 2020 4 min read

Category: Funds

3 index tracker funds for 2020 and beyond

We share three index tracker fund ideas we think are excellent options for passive investing in the UK, Emerging Markets and Global sectors.

Jonathon Curtis, Investment Analyst

21 Jan 2020 5 min read

Category: Markets

Best performing sectors of the decade – and why you might want to avoid them

Jonathon Curtis looks at which investment areas delivered the greatest gains over the past ten years, and reveals something that might make you think twice before investing in them.

Jonathon Curtis, Investment Analyst

27 Dec 2019 4 min read

Category: Funds

Don’t pay too much on your UK tracker fund

Some tracker funds charge 25 times more than others. Have you checked you're not paying over the odds?

Nadeem Umar

02 Dec 2019 3 min read

Category: Tracker and Passive

Investing alternatives: part 1 - commodities

Buying shares in businesses isn’t the only way to invest. Jonathon Curtis looks at the alternatives, and examines if they merit a place in a diversified portfolio.

Jonathon Curtis, Investment Analyst

25 Nov 2019 3 min read

Category: Funds

In the sweet spot: UK mid-caps

Is there a sweet spot between the headline hogging large companies and the exciting but higher-risk smaller businesses? Jonathon Curtis makes the case for investing in mid-sized companies.

Jonathon Curtis, Investment Analyst

13 Nov 2019 4 min read

Category: Funds

Emerging markets – investing for the future

Emerging markets offer innovation, industrialisation and potential for economic growth. Is it time to tap into these opportunities?

Kate Marshall, Senior Investment Analyst

12 Nov 2019 4 min read