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Interactive calculators

Pension calculator

Calculate how much you could receive when you retire.


Pensions calculator

Pension tax relief calculator

Calculate the boost tax relief could give to your pension contributions.

Calculate tax relief

Drawdown calculator

Calculate what level of income withdrawals might be sustainable, and when you might run out of money.

Calculate drawdown withdrawals

Annuity delay calculator

Should you delay taking your annuity or will you miss out on income?

Calculate cost of delay

Carry forward calculator

How much could you contribute to your pension this tax year?

Calculate how much you could contribute

Income tax calculator

Calculate how much more income tax you will pay if you take a lump sum from your pension

Calculate income tax

Longevity calculator

How long might you live? Use this when working out how much you may need in your pension pot.

Calculate life span

Emergency tax calculator

What tax might you pay on pension withdrawals if an emergency tax code is used?

Calculate emergency tax

Pension comparison calculator

How does your pension pot compare against others your age?

Calculate now