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Will your savings last as long as your retirement?

This simple calculator estimates how long you might live. Don't forget to use this when working out how much you may need in your pension pot.

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The figures are calculated using average UK life expectancy data, your actual life expectancy might be very different. Life expectancy source: 2014-based UK Cohort Expectation of Life, Office for National Statistics. Chance of living to age 100 source: DWP Number of Future Centenarians by Age Group - April 2011

11.9m* people in the UK aren't saving enough for retirement - are you?

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*Source DWP press release 'Take action now to safeguard your retirement: Pensions Minister', August 2014.

Guide to SIPPs

Could a SIPP help you build a bigger pension?

Our award winning SIPP lets you remain in control of your pension. Low costs and no set-up fees means more of your money is working for you. Our free guide explains everything you need to know.

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