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Free personal illustration (for existing drawdown)

The below information relates to existing income drawdown, which closes to new investors on 5 April 2015. New rules come into effect on 6 April. Find out more about New Drawdown »

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We will send you:

  • A free guide to how income drawdown works; the benefits and risks.
  • Your full personal income drawdown illustration.
  • Important information and key features for income drawdown within the Vantage SIPP.
  • An application form for income drawdown or flexible drawdown within the Vantage SIPP.

If you want to apply for existing drawdown, we will need to have received all your pension funds by 2 April 2015.

Important information - Please note income drawdown is a more complex option, if you are at all uncertain about its suitability for your circumstances we strongly suggest you seek advice. Your income is not secure. You control and must review where your pension is invested, and how much income you draw. Poor investment performance and excessive income withdrawals can deplete the fund leaving you short of income. From April 2015, new rules and restrictions on future pension contributions apply to investors in income drawdown: you should check how this affects you before making any decisions.

If your pension is currently in income drawdown, please download an income drawdown transfer pack »

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