"I'm building a bigger retirement fund than I would otherwise be able to"

Samantha Morley, from London, is building a retirement pot with the help of her employer, a large law firm.

"I recently transferred my pension to the Vantage SIPP. The service has been great and being able to manage my SIPP online is very useful - my previous pension didn’t allow me to do this.

My employer will be making contributions into my SIPP through payroll. It's very tax efficient – the pension contribution effectively replaces part of my salary. So not only do I receive a boost to my retirement savings, but I also save tax. My company also passes their National Insurance saving on to me and adds it to my SIPP. This will help me build a bigger retirement fund than I would otherwise be able to do.

With my previous provider, I only received a letter once a year about my pension and it was a bit over my head. As I don't know much about pensions, I have called Hargreaves Lansdown with some very basic questions and always found the staff very helpful. I come away with a much better understanding of my pension.

I have told some of my colleagues here how fantastic the company is and they have also transferred their pensions."

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