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Income Shares

Category: Income Funds

Video: What happens next for stock market dividends?

Emma Wall and Nick Hyett discuss what has to happen next before companies that have cut their dividend reinstate their income pay-out.

Nicholas Hyett & Emma Wall

27 Apr 2020 5 min read

Category: Income Funds

Video: HL experts – where are we now with dividends?

Emma Wall and Nick Hyett survey the dividend landscape for income investors and discuss where you can still find yield in the market.

Nicholas Hyett & Emma Wall

24 Apr 2020 5 min read

Category: Shares

What the coronavirus pandemic means for UK dividends

Nicholas Hyett, Equity Analyst, looks at recent dividend cuts, which companies are most vulnerable and what it means for share investors in the long term.

Nicholas Hyett

01 Apr 2020 4 min read

Category: Income Shares

21st century dividend kings?

Equity Analyst Emilie Stevens puts UK stock market dividends under the microscope.

Emilie Stevens, Equity Analyst

28 Feb 2020 4 min read

Category: Shares

Investing for income – 3 ways to check if a dividend’s sustainable

Emilie Stevens looks at what makes a sustainable dividend when researching stocks.

Emilie Stevens

19 Feb 2020 3 min read

Category: Essentials

Picking your first income stock

Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It's to see my dividends coming in. - J.D Rockefeller

Nicholas Hyett, Equity Analyst

23 Oct 2019 5 min read

Category: Markets

UK dividends - have your cake and eat it

We put the UK’s current stock market yield in context.

Nicholas Hyett & Nadeem Umar

14 Mar 2019 3 min read

Category: Shares

Three income share ideas for growth

Income can be an important driver of growth over the long term. We take a look at three companies that we think fit the bill.

George Salmon & Nicholas Hyett, Equity Analysts

05 Mar 2019 5 min read