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  • All investments should be held for the long term. They can go down in value as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested. Any yield is variable and not guaranteed.
  • Tax rules can change and the reliefs depend on your personal circumstances.
  • Once in a pension your money is not usually accessible until at least age 55.
  • The Vantage SIPP is for people who want to choose their own investments, without advice. Nothing on the website should be regarded as personal advice. If you have any doubts if an investment is right for you, please contact us for written advice.
  • Before you invest, please ensure you have read and understood the Vantage SIPP Key Features (including the Transfer and Contribution Checklists and Common Transfer Declaration), Terms & Conditions and Important Investment Notes.
  • If transferring a pension, please ensure you won't lose any valuable guarantees or other benefits, or incur excessive exit fees.

You can apply online now by making a lump sum contribution by debit card and/or setting up a monthly Direct Debit. If you wish to start a SIPP by transferring an existing pension please download an application form and return this to us.

Start your SIPP online

Start your SIPP by phone

To start your SIPP by phone call our friendly team.

0117 980 9897

View opening times

Start your SIPP by post

To start your SIPP by post simply fill in a SIPP application form and then return it to us.

Transfer your pension to a SIPP

Use this application form to transfer existing pensions to the Vantage SIPP. Before transferring a pension please check you won't lose any valuable benefits or incur excessive exit fees.

Top up your SIPP

If you already have a Vantage SIPP you can add money online using a debit card or start a monthly direct debit.

Useful forms for existing SIPPs:

Postal top up/monthly Direct Debit form

Bed & SIPP top up form

Other information

Vantage SIPP trust deed & rules

Bed & SIPP – use existing funds and shares to make a SIPP contribution

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