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Can I use existing holdings to contribute to the HL SIPP?

Yes you can, via a process known as Bed and SIPP.

A Bed and SIPP involves us selling the investment and repurchasing it straightaway within the HL SIPP.

We aim to keep the bid/offer spread, dealing costs and amount of time you will usually be out of the market to a minimum.

A Bed and SIPP is classified as a pension contribution so should be eligible for tax relief. How much depends on your circumstances. As the HL SIPP is a pension, you are usually unable to access the money until at least age 55 (57 from 2028).

Please see the Bed and SIPP section for more information including charges.

Before applying, please understand the risks and features of the HL SIPP.

More information about the HL SIPP

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