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Richard Hunter

Another important week for markets

Fri 24 October 2014
Richard Hunter looks ahead to another busy week of earnings

Could Q3 results provide some relief for the market?

Thu 16 October 2014
Richard Hunter previews an extremely busy and important few days.

What's holding the FTSE back?

Fri 03 October 2014
Richard Hunter looks at the current dilemma for investors.

How we get you the 'best' price available for your shares

Thu 18 September 2014
This week we explain how we work to gain the 'best' share prices available for our clients.

Apple shares hit record high

Fri 29 August 2014
With Apple shares recently hitting an all-time high, Richard Hunter discusses prospects for the technology giant.

Google - 10 years after its IPO

Fri 22 August 2014
Richard Hunter reflects on Google ten years after its IPO on the NASDAQ.

Five key themes from the UK reporting season

Fri 15 August 2014
As the second quarter results season draws to a close, Charlie Huggins picks out five common themes to have emerged and discusses their implications for investors.

What have we learnt from recent corporate results?

Fri 08 August 2014
With the latest company reporting season having peaked, Richard Hunter takes a look at what conclusions can currently be drawn.

Five big questions about the market

Fri 18 July 2014
There is a great deal of media interest in what is going on in the markets at the moment, Richard Hunter highlights five big questions for investors.

The importance of 'bottom up' investing

Fri 04 July 2014
On the face of it, the FTSE 100 has barely moved in 2014. However, under the surface there has been significant activity. Richard Hunter takes a closer look at what has really happened and highlights the importance of 'bottom up' investing.

Dividends matter

Fri 13 June 2014
Richard Hunter revisits the increasingly important topic of dividend yields.

Something for everyone

Fri 30 May 2014
Richard Hunter looks at the prospects for the year's best performing stocks so far.

How stock market investing has changed

Thu 22 May 2014
This week, Richard Hunter looks at how share dealing has changed over the past few decades.

Potential winners from the FIFA World Cup

Fri 02 May 2014
With the FIFA 2014 World Cup only 41 days away, Richard Hunter takes a look at the potential winners.

Stamp duty abolished on AIM shares

Fri 25 April 2014
From 28 April 2014, UK and Irish stamp duty (0.5% and 1% respectively on purchases) will no longer be charged on solely-listed AIM shares.

Focus on pharmaceuticals

Fri 25 April 2014
The pharmaceutical sector has been somewhat unloved by analysts in recent years. Richard Hunter looks at three recent announcements which could change their perception.

Where next for the market?

Thu 17 April 2014
This week, Richard Hunter considers investor confidence in the face of market fragility.

Priced to perfection - or not?

Thu 03 April 2014
Richard Hunter discusses whether the actual share price itself could have an effect on investors.

Five stocks for income seeking investors

Fri 28 March 2014
Richard Hunter highlights five UK income stocks with good dividend cover and analyst ratings.

Three 'Big Theme' stocks

Fri 21 March 2014
With the end of the tax year upon us, Richard Hunter takes a look at three market favourites benefiting from some of the major long-term global themes.

Where next for the supermarkets?

Fri 14 March 2014
Richard Hunter discusses prospects for the beleaguered sector.

PEGged to growth?

Fri 07 March 2014
This week Richard Hunter looks at the interesting stocks highlighted by the price/earnings to growth (PEG) ratio.

Are social media stocks a bubble which could burst?

Fri 28 February 2014
Richard Hunter takes a look at the potential pitfalls and opportunities that are now facing social media companies.

What to look out for in the upcoming UK bank results

Thu 06 February 2014
Richard Hunter looks ahead to the forthcoming annual results for the UK banks.

Vodafone/Verizon - One of the biggest deals in history

Fri 24 January 2014
As Vodafone’s sale of Verizon Wireless draws ever closer, Richard Hunter takes a look at the investment case for Vodafone and Verizon shares.

Retail Shares - Christmas Winners and Losers

Fri 10 January 2014
Richard Hunter looks at prospects for the retailers after a number of Christmas updates were released.

UK markets look well placed for 2014

Fri 03 January 2014
Richard Hunter shares his market outlook, and highlights some pockets of value.

Superior returns

Fri 20 December 2013
Richard Hunter looks back on a good year

Three stocks you never knew you knew

Fri 06 December 2013
Richard Hunter takes a look at some unsung constituents of the FTSE 100

Which retail stocks could perform well this Christmas?

Fri 29 November 2013
Richard Hunter previews the upcoming Christmas season and the potential winners

Up, up and away

Fri 22 November 2013
Richard Hunter looks at prospects for the sometimes misunderstood aerospace sector.

#overpriced – or not?

Fri 15 November 2013
Richard Hunter takes a look at Twitter after its much heralded IPO success.

What did we learn from the banks this quarter?

Thu 07 November 2013
Richard Hunter takes a look back on the latest reporting updates from the UK banks.

A modern mystery

Fri 01 November 2013
Richard Hunter considers a conundrum. How can a company outperform expectations and be so well regarded by analysts, yet see its share price fall?

Five factors which could bode well for the rest of 2013

Fri 25 October 2013
Richard Hunter takes a look at potential reasons for a positive stock market outlook for the remainder of the year.

Big changes in the Dow

Fri 18 October 2013
Richard Hunter takes a look at what why the recent changes in the Dow Jones are big news for investors.

Does a rising tide lift all boats?

Fri 27 September 2013
Richard Hunter challenges an old market adage.

Is merger and acquisition activity about to increase?

Fri 20 September 2013
With FTSE 100 companies currently holding an estimated £166 billion in cash, Richard Hunter discusses whether merger and acquisition activity could be set to increase.

What are the prospects for the Pub sector?

Fri 13 September 2013
Pub shares have performed well over the last year. Richard Hunter investigates what has caused the change in prospects and looks at the future for the sector.

Buying on the dips

Thu 22 August 2013
Richard Hunter discusses opportunities arising from violent share price swings.

FTSE 100 up 10% in 2013

Fri 16 August 2013
With the FTSE 100 standing at 6,500, up 10% since January, Richard Hunter looks at the prospects for global markets.

Where next for esure shares?

Wed 07 August 2013
On Tuesday esure's share price fell 21% after the group's half-year results and dividend announcement disappointed investors. Richard Hunter takes a look at esure's prospects.

Record dividend payments from UK companies

Fri 02 August 2013
With dividends paid by UK companies hitting the headlines, Richard Hunter highlights the risks of investors buying shares based on dividend yields alone.

What are the prospects for the mining sector?

Fri 19 July 2013
The FTSE 350 Mining sector has fallen 21% in the last 6 months. Richard Hunter takes a look at what has caused share prices to fall and the prospects for the beleaguered mining sector.

Samsung shares rated a buy, despite falling 23% since early May

Fri 12 July 2013
Richard Hunter investigates why Samsung Electronics' share price has fallen 23% in the last month and looks at whether investors should consider buying their shares.

Samsung shares fall over 4%

Fri 05 July 2013
Samsung Electronics shares fall over 4% as profit forecasts missed already softened expectations. As you can now trade Samsung Electronics through us Richard Hunter takes a closer look at their latest announcement and how you can trade Samsung Electronics.

Travis Perkins promoted to the FTSE 100

Fri 14 June 2013
Despite mixed messages about the UK economy, Travis Perkins shares have risen 64.8% in the last year and have been promoted to the FTSE 100. Richard Hunter takes a look at prospects of this UK focused building materials firm.

The bull and bear cases for Tesco shares

Mon 10 June 2013
Tesco's latest interim management statement has split analyst sentiment and it is unclear what lies ahead for the company and its share price. Richard Hunter takes a look at the bull and bear case for investing in Tesco.

What are the prospects for G4S and FirstGroup?

Thu 30 May 2013
With G4S and FirstGroup share prices suffering single day falls of 15% and 30% respectively in recent weeks, Richard Hunter takes a look at the prospects for both companies.

Takeover speculation pushing utilities' share prices higher

Fri 24 May 2013
With fresh takeover speculation surrounding utilities, Richard Hunter takes a closer look at the sector.

What is 'The Market'?

Fri 17 May 2013
With the market (FTSE 100) getting ever closer to its all-time high I look at some important points investors should remember when looking at the UK's benchmark index.

Looking at the big picture

Fri 10 May 2013
Richard Hunter considers the importance of stepping back and looking at the bigger picture when building a portfolio.

Analysts' favourite House builder

Fri 03 May 2013
With the Government continuing to introduce schemes to boost the UK housing market, Richard Hunter takes a look at the current analyst-favourite, Barratt Developments.

Apple's profits hit by rising costs

Fri 26 April 2013
On Tuesday evening, Apple released their latest quarterly results. Richard Hunter takes a closer look.

What should investors do if the market falls?

Fri 19 April 2013
With global markets under pressure, Richard Hunter examines the forces behind the uncertainty and looks at what he believes investors should do.

What are ITV's future prospects?

Thu 11 April 2013
With ITV's share price outperforming the FTSE 100 by 23% over the last six months, Richard Hunter looks at prospects for the company amid an ever-changing landscape.

FTSE 100 up 8.7% in 2013

Fri 05 April 2013
With the FTSE 100 rising by 8.7% so far in 2013, Richard Hunter takes a closer look at what has driven the market rise and the top five risers and fallers.

Buying WPP on a US recovery

Mon 25 March 2013
Could WPP's recent 28% share price rise be a sign that the global economy is recovering? Richard Hunter explains why and looks at the prospects for the company.

Direct Line shares - buy, sell or hold?

Tue 12 March 2013
Following some impressive full year results, Richard Hunter takes a look at prospects for the company.

Google's share price rises 31% in the last year. Can this continue?

Fri 22 February 2013
With Google's share price hitting an all-time high, Richard Hunter takes a look at the company's future prospects.

Barclays' full year results and strategic update: what can we learn?

Fri 15 February 2013
Barclays released their 2012 full-year results on Tuesday, the first UK bank to do so. Keith Bowman takes a closer look at the announcement to see what this could mean for the other UK banks.

Where next for the FTSE 100?

Fri 08 February 2013
After a strong start to 2013, Richard hunter takes a closer look at the prospects for the FTSE 100.

Where next for Apple shares?

Thu 31 January 2013
Apple's share price has fallen 37% in the last six months - Richard Hunter looks at whether this dramatic fall is justified.

What are the prospects for brewery shares?

Fri 25 January 2013
The FTSE 100 contains two of the world’s largest brewers, SAB Miller and Diageo. Richard Hunter takes a closer look at their prospects.

What is the outlook for the Tobacco sector?

Fri 18 January 2013
Tobacco companies suffered a turbulent 2012 despite their highly cash generative, defensive nature. So what does the future hold for the sector? Richard Hunter takes a closer look.

Frequently asked questions

Fri 11 January 2013
Clients seem to ask Richard Hunter the same questions about investing. This week Richard answers his five most frequently asked questions.

Will 2013 be unlucky for some investors?

Fri 21 December 2012
With the end of 2012 upon us, Richard Hunter considers the year ahead and how the current themes might play out. He also highlights a share and sector that he believes are worth monitoring.

The winners and losers in 2012

Thu 13 December 2012
As the year comes to an end Richard Hunter takes a closer look at the best and worst performing shares on the FTSE 100 in 2012.

Mega Monday - which companies could benefit?

Fri 07 December 2012
Record online sales predicted for Mega Monday could signal a very strong Christmas for retailers. Richard Hunter takes closer a look at which companies could benefit.

Time in the market, not timing the market

Fri 30 November 2012
With market sentiment changing on an almost daily basis, Richard Hunter take a look at why a long term investment view is important.

Top dividend growing shares

Fri 23 November 2012
With interest rates stuck at record lows, Richard Hunter takes a look at ten companies showing the ability to maintain and even grow their dividends.

Why has Apple’s share price fallen 23%?

Thu 15 November 2012
Apple's share price hit an all-time high of $705.10 on the 21 September 2012. Yesterday however, less than two months later, the share price closed at $536.93 - a decline of over 23%. What has caused the share price to fall so dramatically?

Who are the players in the gambling sector?

Fri 02 November 2012
Following on from his Gambling sector review last week, Richard Hunter takes a closer look at five companies in the sector.

Is the Gambling sector an odds-on favourite with investors?

Thu 25 October 2012
After a few torrid years the gambling sector has begun to catch the eye of investors, as the industry grows and political objections slowly begin to wane. Richard Hunter takes a closer look at the sector.

Why a lacklustre market need not mean lacklustre returns

Fri 12 October 2012
A stuttering stock market can mask a number of big winners and losers. Richard Hunter investigates how selective investing could generate better returns.

Increased government spending? Who could benefit?

Fri 05 October 2012
With the economy still struggling some commentators (and the Labour Party) are calling for George Osborne to abandon austerity and increase government spending. Richard Hunter highlights some infrastructure companies that could benefit

Should investors buy Standard Chartered?

Thu 27 September 2012
What are the prospects for Standard Chartered? Richard Hunter takes a closer look at some of the news impacting the share price and the recent analyst re-rating to a buy.

Comparing apples and blackberries

Thu 20 September 2012
Following the recent launch of the iPhone 5, Richard Hunter contrasts the fortunes of Apple and its competitor Research in Motion, manufacturer of the BlackBerry.

Which indices best represent the economy?

Fri 14 September 2012
The FTSE 100 and Dow Jones Industrial Average are frequently referenced in relation to the economy, but are these the best indices for investors to monitor? Richard Hunter takes a closer look.

The benefits and risks of brand based investing

Thu 06 September 2012
£1.4 billion was spent by companies on sponsoring the London 2012 Olympics in order to help brand awareness. Richard Hunter looks at the importance of, and the difficulties of valuing, a company's brand.

How to align a portfolio for a market recovery

Thu 30 August 2012
The current economic concerns will come to an end sooner or later and the economy will start to grow again. With this in mind, Richard Hunter takes a look at how investors could benefit by changing the structure of their portfolio.

Takeover rumours surround United Utilities

Thu 23 August 2012
United Utilities were highlighted by the media as a potential takeover target, last week. In his latest article Richard Hunter takes a closer look at the rumours and provides his opinion on the sector.

Investment update on Manchester United and Facebook shares

Fri 17 August 2012
With Manchester United Plc shares now trading on the US stock Market, Richard Hunter takes a closer look at their shares and another recent IPO, Facebook.

Can GlaxoSmithKline benefit from improved investor sentiment?

Thu 09 August 2012
Some of the apathy towards the pharmaceutical sector has begun to dissipate, over the last year. Richard Hunter takes a closer look at a company he thinks could benefit.

Could British Land benefit from London's 'safe haven' property market?

Fri 03 August 2012
With the London property market targeted by international investors seeking a safe haven, Richard Hunter investigates whether British Land could be set to benefit.

Positive news for income seeking investors

Thu 26 July 2012
Despite European economic worries returning over the last week and pushing the FTSE 100 down 3.75%, Richard Hunter suggests it's not all doom and gloom for UK income seeking investors.

Are Aviva shares at a turning point?

Fri 13 July 2012
Could Aviva's new strategic plan mark a turning point for the currently troubled share price? Richard Hunter investigates.

The Barclays LIBOR scandal one week on

Fri 06 July 2012
It's been a torrid week for Barclays in the wake of the LIBOR scandal. Richard Hunter looks at the chain of events and their impact on the shares.

Could you benefit from oil price volatility?

Fri 29 June 2012
Oil prices have fallen nearly 30% in the last 3 months, Richard hunter looks at what’s caused the sharp fall and whether investors could benefit.

Is now the time to buy BSkyB?

Thu 21 June 2012
Following a difficult period for BSkyB, culminating in the failed takeover bid from News Corporation, could now be the time to buy their shares? Richard Hunter takes a closer look.

Are pubs and brewers set for strong summer sales?

Fri 15 June 2012
After a torrid few years for pub shares, the jubilee celebrations and sporting events in 2012 could provide some long overdue relief. Richard hunter takes a closer looks at the possible impact on pubs and brewers.

AB Foods' shares benefit from positive investor opinion

Thu 07 June 2012
AB Foods is a rare example, in the current economic environment, where investor opinion of the shares has made a complete turnaround for the positive. Richard Hunter takes a closer look.

Facebook shares fall over 20%

Thu 31 May 2012
With Facebook already being touted as the worst IPO ever, Richard Hunter looks at events since the $104 billion launch and questions what the future holds for the company.

Is now the time to invest in shares?

Fri 25 May 2012
With bond and cash yields being eroded by high inflation, Richard Hunter investigates how well selected shares could potentially provide investors with inflation beating returns and some capital growth.

Where next for Google shares?

Thu 15 December 2011
Google is the world's biggest internet search company. Formed just 13 years ago, it has become such a success that "google" is now a recognised verb in the dictionary. Richard Hunter takes a closer look at Google's prospects.

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